Arnold Wu- Asia

I sighed with contempt as my immigration minister walked out. She, just like all the rest of my highest- ranking subjects, was a corrupt fiend. This stupid immigration brochure she was forcing my hand on was simply another way for her to take government money away from my purposes for it. Too bad that these imbiciles can't be tried like normal criminals... zzz.... zzz..- what? Ahh yes, I was reading this immigration pamphlet...

Hey you! Do you know about ASIA?

It's a fantastic place for anyone!

Our currency is GAM, or Golden Asia Marks. It is held to a strict gold standard, so inflation is never a problem! In fact, our economy in general is a perfect habitat for small buisnesses: We have low taxes and limited governmental control!

Every city in Asia is unique, but they are all united around an eco- friendlly theme that is consistently being improved. Our streets are as clean as the practically perfect air! Outside of cities, there is very little sprawl, just  farmland and pristine nature. Unlike some other continents you may consider migrating to, there are no "bad" parts of this Land.

We have a relitavely small standing army, but it is equiped with the best weapons technology that money can buy. if you are worried about hostile nations, then Asia is the place to live!

Our scientific community is lively, and we are world leaders in computer technology and robotics, Medicine and Genetics, and Weapons technology. We do stay on top of developments in other areas as well, which means that Asia is the place for any scientist!

Our academics are exemplary, and we have competitive schools that teach a dedicated people. Over 70% of all college applicants graduate!

Transportation in asia is not laking in any way. We have a fleet of hoverbusses that ensure you can get anywhere in Asia, as well as a bullet train network, a neat highway system, an airline service, and manyships.

Much of the taxes citizens pay go straight to our wonderfull police force. For crimes that are brutal, punishment is brutal, and very few jails ensure that offenders go to work in the community, pay a large fine, or die. We find that our crime rate is very low. Our men in blue are viligant, well- trained, and everywhere: we're watching for any threat to society at all times.

Finnaly, our current foreign policy can be summed up in two words- Agressive expansion. it may be in the best intrest of your health and prosperity to move!

Thanks for the time you've spent reading this, neghibor to be! See you soon!

Good, thought Arnold. I can approve this, and perhaps we'll have some political unity around here. He took out his stamp of aproval, wet it in a scarlett ink, and slowly lowered the rubber onto the pamphlet.

The End

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