Hegemon Quest

Ok- Let's have some rules. First of all, Hegemon Quest is a collab about the members' characters all trying to controll earth through political, romantic, and military means. First, as aleader, you must establish your domain. Talk about where your area is, what it's economy is like, the political scene, and other domestic affairs. Also, be sure to set out the strengths and weaknesses of your military, and set out some of your character's own past.Once we have this done in the first few chapters, the game will truly begin as characters begin to scheme against each other. Please, I want to keep the game kind of like a story, and, more importantly, fair. You cannot storm in and just take everyone down! The winner will be the last character standing.

You can controll any continent or realm, except for Asia (that's my area). Underwater, underground, whatever.... Also, populations can be invented for areas like outer space, underground, underwater, or the poles. I can't wait to see what happens!

The End

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