Hand Grenades . . . YES!Mature

Neima was hardly injured. Towards the end of the battle she had the idea of fighting, yet her instinct told her other wise. Her skills in magic were great in most all combat, except with mindless, powerless, trigger-happy grunts. Besides, one freaking dagger could not keep off a billion of them, so she let the boys get big heads and fight all they want. She needed another weapon, given stealth keeps you alive for, what, two seconds in a battle? 

After finding the tree fort they made their way to Ramdenbull, following the awful, bramble path. Her pack, as well as the others, were low, and they would be reliant on what spoils they could get off what they would soon fight. 

Entering into the outer ring of the city they kept hidden for the time being, though reluctant at first to the idea, Neima insisted. She needed, they needed, supplies. 

Soon she found the kind of structure she was looking for. A nearly abandoned gang fort, that most certainly carried SOME supplies. Walking into every place they found would be stupid and dangerous. Battle cries rang out close by and fighting was near, but rather at a stand point. The sides figuring out their next move.

Walking inside she quickly slit the throats of the small amount of people inside. They were slaves of a gang that occupied the building. The gang, however, seemed to be off fighting and made the mistake of leaving their fort unguarded.

Tearing through the junk she found an adequate amount of food . . . and some guns. Most were damaged and would be of very little use, although Neima ended up finding an automatic shotgun, a pistol and a couple of grenades. The amount of ammo was very pleasing and she wasn't the only one stuffing her pockets with it.

"Ok, now we can fight."

The End

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