Flames and forests, this will end well.....Mature

Another fireball careened through the forest causing Niema too yelp as it impacted.  Thedric disliked this, the forest was growing dencer as they ran back.  Thedric unfortunatly had the pleasure of being targeted by the cannon.

"What the hell."  Thedric muttered.

The cannon was not as bizzare as the massive, hulking monster that carried it.  The thing wore tattered rags that covered his legs but left his torso free of clothing.  It's face seemed almost square with a massive chin and black eyes.  It snorted from it's short crooked nose.  The cannon was mounted to its arm with a backpack that featured a small platform for a Daedrian mage.  Their was a loud thump as it walked froward crushing the plantlife below.  Thedric felt a sudden burst of energy from Lumen.  The plant life suddenly shot up and coiled around it's ankle.  There was a loud moan as thorns punctured the monster's foot.  Thedric didn't waste time waiting.  He pulled Incentarios out and began to unload his giant 14mm munitions into the creature.

"DIE!  FEEL THE CORUPTION IN YOUR VEINS!"  Thedric screamed, assuming it had veins.

Several massive holes were put in it's chest, but these small wounds mearly agitated the beast.  The thing broke free of the vegitation and continued.  Thedric backed off as it shot another fireball into the forest.
Before he knew it, he had reached Lumen who had been putting rounds into soldiers skulls.

"That thing won't go down!"  Thedric yelled getting his bearing and firing.

"What do you suggest?"  Lumen asked unwavering.

"Cover me, I think I still have a clip of them left....."

Thedric fumbled around in his cloak for the item.  His hands grasped it.  Dragon slayer rounds.  Thedric grinned looking at the magnificant bullets.  Designed for penetrating a firebreather's hide.  Tanks, zombies, and ugly abominations were also easy prey for it.

"Sorry beast.  Your life may have been one of a slave to the League.  So it's end will not be tragic."

Icentarios screamed as the trigger was pulled.  Out came a long black bullet that left a trail of dark magic behind it's flight path.  The creature only could wonder what it was before it impacted in a deafining blow.  The shot had left a massive hole in his gut.  Death was instant.
Neima's voice echoed out through the chaos.

"Hurry, over here!"

Thedric and Lumen stood their ground just to see the flame cannon overheat without any control and detonate like the fireballs it shot, only much bigger.  They turned and ran too Neima who pointed at a tree.

"It's hollow.  There's a ladder that leads too the canopy.  It think it's a abandoned gang hideout.  Get up it!"  She said.

The trio began their ascent.  They heard the remaining forces chuffle by on the ground, not noticing the tree.  Thedric punched open the hatch on top which led to a run down treefort.  After all were up the hatch was closed again.

"The trees branches should be thick enough to walk on.  We should get out of this damn forest."  Lumen said.

"Agreed." Thedric replied.

For the next hour, they crossed the trees and vines making their way too the edge of the forest.  Neima saw it first, Ramdenbull.  The massive industrial city stood out.  And already they could hear the gunshots and magic.  Chaotic it was, but also interesting.  This twisted road has quite a few brambles ahead.  And Thedric wanted to take a flamethrower to them.



The End

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