Thedric stood there looking over the man.  Littered around him were the corpses of Daedrian grunts.  This man had been inventive in the ways of killing.  Fried, squished, and just stabbed, he had single handedly eradicated a whole patrol group.

"You did this?"  Thedric asked observing a body that had been crushed by some form of plant.  But the man wasn't a nature wielder, it seemed that his powers were on a constant shift.

"That is so.  They weren't much fun at all."  He said.

"Maybe it's just me, but it seems like you took your time.  Waiting for your powers to shift just to see what you could do.  To test your limits."  Thedric said continuing to look over the death that had unfolded.

"As I said, they weren't much fun."  He repeated with more emphasis on fun.

"Geeze.  I was not expecting this."  Neima said.  Her curiosity now satisfied.

"Ah well, as long as Deadrians end up dead, I don't really care."  Thedric shrugged.

"And you would be?"  He asked.

"Thedric.  Thedric Sunbash."


"I'm Cammile Lumen-Umbra.  It's nice to meet you."

"Th pleasure is mine Cammile."  Thedric replied.

The pine trees shifted again in the breeze.  Thedric's cloak blew back revealing his colossal hand cannon.  Lumen's own pistol shown in the brief light that came through the trees.  The two men suddenly dived to the side, Lumen landed grabbing a handfull of bullets from a body and reloaded his gun before his momentum disipated and he stopped.  Thedric had unholstered Incentarios and landed at the same time.  The two through there guns up aiming at each other.

"Whoa!  What the hell you guys!"  Neima yelled.

"Duck."  They said simultainiously pulling their triggers.  The two bullets screamed past each other and came inches from impacting Lumen and Thedric's skulls.  They sliced into the forest and two loud yelps of pain echoed out.  Behind the gunmen, a couple grunts fell out of the forest; dead.

"Nice shot."  Thedric remarked standing up and brushing the dirt off his armor.

"For a moment, I thought you two were actually going to try to murder one another."  Neima sighed.

"Now that was entertaining."  Lumen said grinning wildly.

"Hey Camille, you said these guys weren't much fun, well how about joining us and going after a real challange."  Thedric asked.

"Perhaps I would.  What do you have in mind."

"Obliterating every Daedrian bastard we can find, and taking their valuables."  Thedric spoke like a pirate on route to his plunder.

"Well, that sounds like a good time.  I'm in."

"Excellent.  A trio of idiots out to get themselves killed or die trying."  Neima sighed again.  "So where are we off to."

Thedric pointed north and explained that a gang man had given him directions to a nearby city infested with many horrible things.

"Ramdenbull?  That name rings a bell."  Neima said.

"You might have heard about it five years ago when it got plauged by gang violence.  But that wasn't the only plauge, a more recent development is the occupation by the league.  Now the industrial city is a battleground.  Now if we get int there and wipe both sides out while their focus is on fighting one another, the city can rebuild."

So off they went, a day's walk off through the dark forest.  This was shaping up to be a very interesting development.

The End

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