Munching, More Talking, and MovingMature

After Neima finished eating she felt up to full power. Her previous nap and the little energy she absorbed from Thedric and the other being, made her feel fully rested. She didn't quite know what to think of Thedric. She had just allied herself with him to avoid a fight and, well, for some reason she couldn't quite put her finger on. Neima also new a battle between her and him, or even after some thinking, with the other being in the area, would result in a death. Whether it would be her own was questionable.

"So . . . what's your plan?" Neima spoke quietly although the being, and after using her power to feel what creature it was, found to be a person, was well away.

       "That depends. The league is still growing, and their already massive. Just me and you can do very little. A bigger group on the other hand . . ."  Thedric seemed to be thinking big, and Neima was not on nice terms with the thought of dreams. Most of hers had been trampled on and burned.

"Who in their right mind would join a couple of stupid outlaws? I don't know much about you, but people lurking in a dark forest are not usually casual next door neighbors." Her best logic would be if something really bad happened he would die and she'd run away. Not that people dying is great, but she'd witnessed and had a hand in death. So, she played along, hoping that his plans were not going to end with either one or both of them dead.

"There are other people around who hate the league. Plenty of them actually. Maybe not all have the courage, but there sure as hell are a few who'll take a chance. Speaking of which, who's the guy about a 100 yards from here?" Thedric seemed to be back on alert and Neima was wondering the same thing, although still not sure if she completely agreed with the rest of what he said. She remembered the other person had a natural feel, so most likely had some influence on the area around them, and given it was a gigantic forest, if things went bad, they would go very bad.

Both moving quietly, they approached the other person. 

The End

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