And you would be?Mature

  Thedric kept his eyes trained on the girl.  Her appearence had been sudden and the fact she had aproached unoticed had disturbed him.  She quietly muttered a greeting that Thedric dismissed as he aproached her.  Incentarios still drawn, in case this person actually thought she could strike him down.

"The only people who hide hear are ones that run, and ones that persue.  Weather your being followed by some pissed off Deadrian, or are someone who runs from there own sins, your here to hide.  So to be clear, don't try to tell me your just some innocent who lost her way."  Thedric said contiuing to close the distance between them.

She nodded calmly.  She was not as afraid as she sould be Thedric thought.  Thats means she has been in this situation before.

"So first question.  Why would you be sneaking up on me.  And better yet, whats your name?"

"I was sneaking up because I thought you were Daedrian.  And we aren't really on a name to name basis right now."  She said.

Thedric looked down and realized he still had his gun drawn.  And she still had her blade at the ready.  He shrugged and holstered his hand cannon, which was matched by the girl sheathing her weapon as well.

"Now.  Names.  I'm Thedric Sunbash."


"Neima.  Pretty name.  Now didn't you feel the tension disipate?"

"Are you Daedrian."  She asked changing the topic.

"Hell no.  Those damn warmongers are actually rather angry with me.  And I am assuming your no fan either."  Thedric said leaning up against a tree.
"Eh, if your against them, then your my friend girl."

"Your dark magic."   Neima said looking at his golden eyes.

"Forbidden Curses.  Yes, and from what I just felt from you, a radiance of restoration powers.  And you can take others powers.  So a light mage."

She nodded and sat down on the forest floor.  The light was dim now because a breeze had shifted the leaves to block out the sun.

"Hey,  look I think you might be helpfull.  How would you like to seriously hurt the League?"  Thedric said suddenly grinning.

"Helpfull?  Makes me sound expendable like a tool.  Sorry but no way."

"Ok, wrong wording.  But together we could deal a major blow to them.  I'm attempting to round up a group of people who will stand up to those assholes.  Not many people have the will to do that.  I think you might."  Thedric changed his tone to serious.

"I don't know.  Malicida was just a demonstration of their power."

"We can make them pay for all the lives they stole.  Slay ten of them for every one of us commoners they butchered."

Neima stood up and stared at him.  Silence enveloped them as Thedric's ramblings ended.  Thedric just waited for her to answer.

"Got something to eat?"  She asked.

Thedric looked over and smiled.  He reached into his coat and unwrapped a curry bun.  He tossed it over to Neima who gladly ate it.

"Well, let's do this."  Thedric said stretching
The road ahead would be a sharp twisted one, but a interesting one none the less.

The End

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