Curious NoiseMature

Neima was finally tired. She had been running for three days straight and needed rest desperately. She saw a gigantic forest straight ahead. The trees blocking all light. Her green eyes seemed to glow as she entered the depths.  Slowing to a walk, and keeping very quiet, she lurked in the shadows as she pulled her light brown hair into a bind. After walking deep within she found a hollowed tree trunk that she could squeeze inside. Memories of her past haunted her dreams. Being alone for so long had its ups and downs.

After falling asleep for what seemed like moments, Neima heard something moving, and then a yelp, and some talking. Strange. Her mind was calm as she got up slowly and moved closer.  What ever they are, you'd better kill them. The voice inside her head had a seemingly good idea. Maybe they'll have food on them! This could prove to be a very lucky day as long as it wasn't the League of Daedrian.                         Once she could feel the energy from one of the beings, she started working, quickly draining some of their power. Interesting . . . This one had a very natural feel, and was already very drained, so she let it be. Then she felt the other. Immediately she stopped. It was dark and powerful. Not something she would choose to mess with. Neima knew it sensed something had happened, and it started searching. Crap. She started bolting.

         Pulling out her only weapon, a dagger, she faced her target. He was tall with black hair. The other being seemed to have been about to encounter the man facing her.                                                                                                                                                                               Draining some of the man's energy gave her little strength. Dark magic took a long while to adapt to for her, and she was defiantly not used to using it. 

"Hello there." She said quietly, hoping she wouldn't alert any of her enemies allies. "Lovely weather I must say." Waiting for his reply she slowly started walking backwards as he came closer.

The End

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