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"Hmph.  That makes three bodies."  Thedric murmured rolling over a dead man.

He had wandered into this forest while being pursued by a group of Daedric soldiers.  This forest bordered the edge between the grand plains and the nation of Interial.  This place is known as Shineless Forest.  A place where trees grow so thick in some parts that you might think it was night.  Ocationally you will find a precious beam of sun that has found it's way through through the hair sized puzzle pieces that are the needles of these evergreens.  However as with most precious resources, it is hard to hold on to without being killed.  Predators will wait in the shadows waiting for any movement in the light.  Bugs, rabbits, deer wander in to feel that warm burst of warm UV rays.  That feeling will probably be there last however.
Thedric had hid deep within.  Luckly he had a fairly acurate idea of where he was based on the forest size and his footsteps.  His feet ached.  He was not good with walking.  It was one of many things he hated.  But this pain did not dull his reflexes.  This was proved when he heard a russel in a bush next to him.  He spun and unloaded two shots into the leafy green plant.  He lowered his weapon looking at the symetrical holes he had put in the leaves.  Nothing there.  Dangerous did not mean uninhabited.  In fact some nature wielding mages have built there homes in the canopy of the trees.  Some of them have been abandoned and have allowed criminal organizations to move in.
A loud laugh from above startled Thedric.  He fell on his back just as a nimble figure jumped out and swung a large branch at him.  He crawled back against a tree.

"Well!  A nimble move even if it was accidental.  My name is Ribbitotal Inate!"  The man said.

"Thedric Sunbash.  May I ask why your attacking me?"  Thedric said irritably.

"I need at least one catch in order to be inducted into the Silver Saber."

"So you want to join a gang and you need my head eh?  Not happening, sorry."

"Unagreeable people........MUST DIE!"

The man suddenly removed a large item off his back.  He played a loud note off of it proving it was a instrument and a enchanted one at that.  Thedric reconized this sound immediatly.  The soundwaves magiclly pushed back most of the trees around him creating a small arena to fight in.

"Your playing a bagpipe!"  Thedric said pointing at the man.

The man smiled and played a interesting quick string of notes.  The ground trembled as a rift opened up releasing a long stem that rose up and struck down hitting thedric in the shoulder.  He got knocked back allowing him to take a shot at the stem.  He fired and shot it at the base causing it to limp to the ground.   Another few notes were played and a countless amount of stems suddenly attacked.  Thedric swore and began running.  The stems kept impacting behind him then getting up and striking again.  Thedric then attacked using his bonds of blackness to grab the vines and kill wither them.  The vines faded to dry flakes and dissolved in the wind.  Ribbitotal attacked again with a row of thicker vines.  Thedric's bonds attakced as well.  These two hit each other with massive force, sending a shock wave across the ground.  While the two opposing forces tried to anihalate one another, Thedric tried to find the creepy man.  But as he ran to get a shot, a barage of needles flew past him.  He looked to the side to see the man in a tree playing his pipe and causing the tree to violently fire it's leaves like projectiles.  Thedric doged the attacks until he finally managed to get off a shot.  Ribbitotal jumped out of the way and continued to cause the trees to attack him.  Thedric ran, he was slowly losing energy.  Plus this battle was causing to much attention.  He needed too end this.  He turned around and aimed his pistol at the general area of the man.


A sound like the swirling of wind cut through the forest.  He pulled the trigger and fired a blade of air at the man.  The sound was like swinging a sword ten times louder.

Ribbitotal looked at his bagpipe.  It had been split in two.  He had his bare chest cut open.  He screamed and fell to the ground.
Thedric sighed.
As much as I hate to say it.  He is pretty pitifull.  I guess I'll go talk to him.

"Hey.  Don't look down man.  Gangs aren't worth it.  You should go join someone who could use your powers.  I heard there's a farming group up north having some trouble with trolls!  Maybe you can find your calling up there."

The man looked up.

" mean it?"

"Yeah!  I can stand giving you a second chance.  Dont waste it or I will come back and turn you into a pile of bones.  Hear me?"

He stood up.  "Yes sir!"

"Good, now scram."

The man began to run off.  When he turned around and yelled directions to get onto a path to the nearest city.  Thedric thanked him and began to walk twoard the alleged path.

"The hell was that...."

A incredibly strong feeling of power erupted from the pathes direction.  A nature mage who's power was astounding.

"Hope he's friendlier than that guy...."



The End

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