What was that for?Mature

“Is thatallyou’ve got?” one of the masked men taunted. Detios received another boot to the stomach.

“You’re pitiful!”

Detios slid across the floor holding his abdomen. He snarled and tried to stand but was knocked down by a hammer punch to the back of his skull. Most would have given up.

But not Detios. These men had beaten him. They had insulted him. They had taunted him. He wasn’t going to let that go. He rolled to the side and unwrapped what most mistook for a belt. It was a slingshot. Aspecialslingshot. It could be used conventionally with your average rock or in other cases it could fulfill its full potential.

Like now for instance.

Detios pulled the empty slingshot back, murmured a word, and let go. What left the slingshot could only be described as a glowing, seed-shaped, ball. It punctured the first man’s chest and hit the ground with incredible force. Tremors broke out and an unearthly stem broke through the ground. The stem sprouted “arms” and started reaching for Detios’ attackers. Caught unaware, the nearest man was plucked up and squeezed.


His face started to turn red, and then darker, and then his screams stopped and his head exploded. The other men scattered. Some ran for Detios, others ran away, but all stayed away from the mutant flower. The men who ran away wouldn’t get far. Detios whistled a high-pitched complicated rhythm and then waited until he heard answering howls in the distance. The howls were followed by yelling a moment later.

He dodged the first few strikes made by the men still trying to kill him. Whether it was their pride, bravado, or their paychecks, Detios didn’t know or care. He flexed his hands and the blades he wore strapped to his wrists sprung free. He caught the stroke of one man with his left blade and ended his life with the right.

Two men remained. They circled Detios, waiting for a mistake… a hesitation. When they were on opposite sides of Detios they charged. Spinning, Detios took swift and deadly aim with his slingshot, loaded with a rock this time, and he fired. His target dropped to the ground, unconscious or worse. Detios turned to see the last man leaping at him. He took the charge in his chest and fell backwards hitting the ground hard. His attacker leaned over him preparing for the killing blow.

Detios placed his palm on the ground and sent out a plea. A nearby tree answered as Detios saw his foe’s arm drop towards his chest. A root burst out of the ground, scattering dirt and pebbles everywhere.

Detios’ attacker looked down to see a hole where his heart used to be. Then he stopped moving. Standing, Detios brushed himself off and said “Thanks” to his plant savior. The root bobbed, giving the appearance of nodding to Detios, then sunk back into the ground.

Walking over to the body of the man who he had clocked with his slingshot, Detios knelt down and started searching for evidence to answer the most important question of the night.

“What was that for?”

The End

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