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I watched a lot of anime recently and afterwords I thought up this.

Thedric Sunbash sat behind the massive spinning blades of a turbine.  It was one of hundreds in this windfarm, but his was the one that allowed the best view.  He sat there staring out upon the shimmering fields of grass that covered the ground in every direction.  Thedric watched some lazy brown bovines slowly graze.  They were a few kilometers out, and they dotted the landscape, only distinguishable as living beings because of there loud grunts as they bumped into each other.  The sun bathed everything in a delightful glow.  Thedrics red coat blew back and his black armor sparkled.

I watch from above clouds, no longer is there anything it shrouds.
I see the city, lit ablaze, am I dreaming in my daze.
As the fire spins and prances.  It does death's work while it dances. 
Ashes strewn across the land, some are stones, some are man.
Rebirth!  Rebirth!  For this world it is so tender.
And with these flames, it may return to sender.

Thedric continued to stare out as he recited.  The sun slowly disappeared as a large black cloud appeared.  Thedric tilted his head and watched it slowly engulf the sky.  He had strangely been oblivious to it. 

"The world is rather tender.  Wouldn't you say?"  Thedric said as if there was another person.

A gunshot revealed that there actually was.  Thedric jumped and landed on another turbine.  This one was defective and the blades were not spinning.  Thedric searched for the assailent.  He looked back and there in the sky was a dark figure with a pair of pistols.  The attacker swung it's foot at Thedric who raised his fist behind his head and blocked it.  The attack nearly made him fall off.  The person had bounced back and now was in front of him.  The spinning blades made it hard to get any desicive information visually.  But he did see long hair.  Time seemed to slow and the attacker was unable to be seen for a brief moment as the windmill passed by.  But in that spit second it had disappeared and was coming down again with another attack.  Thedric was hit and was knocked off.  He grabbed the nearest pole and began to slide to the ground.

"Damnit."  He muttered.  He still hadn't got a good look at the nimble assailent.

There was a loud thud as Thedric blocked another attack that had come from above.

"Seriously, who taught you to fight?  These attacks are good first strikes but they become useless as long as I can raise my arm."  Thedric scoffed.

"You do have promise though."  He said finally getting to see what the attacker looked like.  And Thedric was suprised.

It was a very beautiful young woman.  She had long blond hair and wore a purple, skintight garmet.  Over thar she wore a black pair of robes.  Her eyes were a odd shade of blue.  Thedric laughed.

"Once your finished killing me, we should do something sometime."  Thedric mused feeling pleased that someone had sent a hot assassin.

"My job is not to kill you.  But bring you to the League of Daedrean."  She said, her voice was smooth.

"Not interested.  Sorry but we can still go out if you would like."  Thedric said grinning.

"Laugh all you want.  We know your able to preform the forbiden curses.  And the League wants that abillity.  I get payed to do this.  So nothing personal."  She said looking stern.

"Forbiden curses?  You mean like this one.  Thedric responded.

He removed a gun from his jacket and smiled.  The assassin gasped when she saw it.  It was a black handgun with skulls imprinted on the sides.  The grip was golden and had a ancient language carved into it.It was much bigger then any coventional handgun.

"Wands.  Staffs.  Swords.  Magic can be cast from any of these.  But I rarely see enchanted guns.  That is why my pistol, Incentarios, is unique."  Thedric smiled.

The assassin suddenly raised her weapons and opened fire.  Thedric  ducked and rolled.  He struck his gun butt into the ground and yelled:

"Bonds Of The Blackness!  RELEASE."

A black circle appeared around the woman and several black bonds erupted from the ground and grabbed one of her arms.  She dropped the gun in her other hand and grabbed the bonds.

"Disapate!" She yelled.

The bonds vanished.  She shot her now free gun at Thedric who was running again.  A shot hit Thedrics armor and was lodged in to it.  She emptied her clip and then dropped her other gun and began to physically attack Thedric.  She lunged.  Thedric rose his arms for a fly ing attack, but the assassin had lured him into this.  She let herself drop below Thedric and slammed him in the stomach.  He grunted loudly and was thrown against a windmill.  He coughed up a bit of blood and pulled himself up.

"Damn.  That hurt."  He said getting back on his feet.

She was on the move again, now she was running at him, preparing to send him unconsious.

He was finally ready though.  He ran at her, flipping his pistol to the back again.  They collided, Thedric stopped her fist with his arm and grabbed her by the throat.  He had his other hand with the gun butt on her forehead.  He smiled and kissed the air.

"Goodnight From Dreamland."

There was a burst of golden light.  The woman dropped to the ground.  She lay down on the grass.  She began to snore loudly as Thedric walked away.

Thedric began to think.
I had hoped to not get involved with this but now that the league is after me, I guess I have no choice.  I guess one man can't take down a entire army.  So I suppose that I will have to find some others who are against them.  Great, I think this is one of those "quests" people are alway getting killed on.

The End

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