Ruby-Scared for life.

10 Years ago-Heaven

"I'm sorry Ruby. Really I am."

"Just get out Cassarah; this is still my room at list until sunrise." I barked my words at her.

"Please Ruby don't end it like this between us." Cassarah took my hand, I stared at it and stanched it back.

"You ended it the moment you betrayed my trust and telling Conway about Dean." I slammed the door in her face, I slid down to the floor wrapping my arms around me and hiding myself in my cream coloured wings.

"Ahh Ruby, what's with the crocodile tears?"

"Get out Conway; you have no reason to be here." I stood up and froze seeing that he wasn't alone. "What is this?"

"Your punishment." He said simply. The other angels surrounded me taking my arms and dragging me outside. "Your wings will be removed."

"No! You can't do that...get off me!" I shouted struggling to break free.

Conway came closer to me whispering in my ear. "You love Dean more than your wings Ruby; love him more than us and more than being an average rank angel...I've got no choice and we've got to protect the other angels."

"Conway please not my wings." I begged but it was no use as Conway came behind me, at fist stroking my soft feathers and running his hands over my hair and shoulders.

"This could have gone a different and you...but you choose a different route." Conway's angels held me down ripping my dress. "And now you're going to pay for it."

Then it happened. Strong hands covered my mouth to muffle my screams that escaped my throat. The pain was unbearable, hot blood ran down my back legs and I couldn't fight him anymore.

"Goodbye Ruby." Conway kissed my forehead and next thing I knew I was falling...falling...into blackness.

Present day

I was sitting in the tree tops watching the sky turn grey. "Trouble in paradise?" I smirked. I looked down seeing the Prophetess girl reading some black cover book. It was quite, until a crowed of teenage girls came strolling into the park and went over to the prophetess girl.

"Barbie meets gothic girl...this doesn't look good." I scan round trying to pick up on any angels that were near by. "Typical." I muttered under my breath.

I carried on watching the girls surround her, like a pack of lions ready to dive in. "Oh I don't believe this." I grumbled as I leapt down from the tree and headed toward the group.

"Come on green slime, you said that your do my English assessment." A girl with far too much make-up and fake blonde hair stepped forward hands on hips.

"I'm not doing anything for you Vicky." The prophetess girl stood up but was smaller than the girl Vicky (AKA fake Barbie).

She laughed and her ‘followers' giggled. "Well I'll just take yours then." The girl reached out and took the black bag.

"Hey give me that back!" The prophetess shouted.

"Aww sweet all her little vampy books and other random pieces of paper work...let's see what else you've got."

"Drop the bag." I had made my way over to the girl without them knowing, my voice hard and cold as I stood behind them. Vicky turned her head her eyes widening.  "Do you need your ears testing Barbie, drop the bag."

"This has nothing to do with you, so back off before I-

She didn't get chance to finish as pushed her towards a close by tree taking her shoulders in my hands. "Don't test me little girl, you should be grateful that it's me and not the true darkness that walks this Earth." I dug my nails into her sink watching her body shake.

"Sssure I'm sorry." Vicky dropped the bag I let her go and her and her ‘followers' ran off.

I sighed closing my eyes slightly smiling.

"Ruby...right?" I turned round surprised that she knew my name. "I'm April."

I nodded. "I know who you are April, believe me I know about you and your gifts." I started to walk away hearing her murmur a name I didn't quite catch. I neared the park gate when I sensed his scent. Turning round my breath caught in my throat seeing Dean sitting next to April holding the black cover book, with his arm over her shoulder.

"Don't do it." I whispered as I saw Dean lean in to April. I couldn't watch so I ran fast and hard down the street.

I ran down an alley, Shard scent was strong here but he was know where to be seen. "Hmm, I wonder if her house is near."

"Shard? I'm in Shard do you hear me! I'm in Shard!" I shouted to the sky hoping he would somehow hear me. "On one condition, I'll be the one to kill Dean."    

The End

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