Emerald: Helping Cassarah help Ash

           I saw Cassarah and Palmer fly down to help Ash. I followed worrying for my old teacher's health. When they found a place to put Ash down I dropped to the ground.

        "Angel Cassarah, is there anything I can do to help Ash?" I asked worried, and a little shy. I had never spoken to Angel Cassarah. "Please?"

        Cassarah looked up. "What? Um... If you could prop his head up so that we can help him." she said with a little confusion on her face but more concern.

        "Sure!" I said glad to help him. I ran over and propped his head up. "Like that?"

         "Exactly like that." she said a smile forming a little on her lips.

         I relaxed a little. Maybe I could befriend her. Maybe I'll be promoted if that is what it should be called.

          Ash moaned. I looked down at him. "He's waking." I said.

         "Oh good. I was starting to worry." Cassarah said. "Ash, swallow this."

       Ash opened his mouth and did his best to swallow the leaf that Cassarah placed in his mouth. "That's it Ash." I said quietly. "Do you think he'll make it Angel Cassarah?"

       "I hope so." Cassarah sighed.

       "Me too." I said smiling. "Oh, by the way. If you didn't know me I am Emerald."

       "Emerald?" Palmer said. "That name sounds familiar."

     "I was Ash's student." I said explaining.

      "That's why! Ash talked about you frequently!" Palmer said smiling as he realized who I was.

        "He did? What did he say?" I asked nevously. I was sure it was the worst thing possible.

          "Only good things I assure you. He was quite proud of how fast you learned." Palmer said assuringly.

          "No. That can't be right." I said quietly.

            "Oh. Don't be modest Emerald." Ash whispered the best he could.

           "Ash don't talk. You have to get better." Cassarah said suddenly worried.

          "Cassarah. It's ok." Palmer reassured.

           "Maybe." She said worried. I smiled at how much she still cared for my fallen teacher.

The End

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