Ending the Fight, upgrade for Angel Shard!

'Oh my. . . What the heck is Shard doing?!' Palmer yelled, breaking his melody.

'Sing you idiot!' Sang Ash, I nearly laughed at that, but carried on my song.

The cloud was slowly growing smaller and smaller as Angel Shard defeated more and more demons. With one last high note that rang in the air, the cloud disappeared with a large KUUUUUUUUSHK!

I heard a whistling noise. ..someone falling.

'ASH! ASH!' I shouted as my fallen friend fell through the skies, 'PLAMER! HELP ME GET HIM! SHARD! ANYONE! PLEASE!'

At that moment Angel Shard, although covered in a large amount of blood and gore, nosed dived for the plummeting Fallen.

A few moments later, Angel Shard swooped up and dropped him on the edge of the cloud.

'Thankyou.. . OH!' I gasped, Shard looked at me, 'you've been premoted Angel Shard! How do you feel about upgrading to a Pure?'

'Really?! Oh. . .Wow, holy..'He nearly cursed in his excitement; I'd never seen this placid angel so emotional. I waved a hand and his wings grew and changed in colour, angels all around surrounded him, cheering and clapping.

I smiled and tugged Palmer along with me as I floated over to Ash. He was in a cold sweat and was shaking madly, 'Cass, I think it would be healthier for him to return to earth. You can nurse him back to his full health there.'

'You too. I can't stay with him by myself.'I muttered, wiping blood of my brow.

'I know. It was always going to be Ash, right?' Palmer smiled wryly.

'I'm sorry, Palmer.'

'No, no. I'm quite fine with this. If it's your happiness it's blessed and I will accept it. After all, I'm a pure angel and I'm really, quite awesome that way.' He grinned, lifting one of Ash's arms over his bloodied shoulder.

I grabbed his other one.

Then I shouted gracefully, 'tell LORD angel Cassarah and angel Palmer are going to the human world to cure Fallen Ash.'

The other angels muttered, confused but nodded.

'Thankyou, I promise you will all be rewarded for your amazing performance today. LORD is so happy with you all!'Palmer smiled, before we both beat our massive wings and sank down to earth.

'I need I new dress.'I mumbled, poking my current one which was now dyed scarlett.

'Cass! Don't tell me. . .is that prophetess with a demon?!' Palmer gasped, pointing to a young girl who was sitting on a bench with what very well seemed to be a demon!

The End

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