Emerald: back to Heaven again

         I walked through a town. Jessica was talking to me. Jessica was just a friend. She didn't know that I was an angel. I wasn't here to  protect her. I was actually here to protect a little boy. I rarely get to go back to heaven because the boy is so young. He's only four. However, I was sent here to protect him. The boy's name was Jackson. He has brown hair, and big brown eyes. He's absolutely adorable. Jessica was his older sister.

          "Emy?" Jackson asked.

          "Yes Jackson" I replied smiling down at him. He was holding my hand as we went on this walk.

        "What is Heaven like?" he asked.

         "Why Jackson! How should she know?" Jessica said laughing.

         "I don't know. Maybe she's been there." He said a frown on his face. "So?"

        I bent down to look him in the face. "Jackson. I'm sure it's beautiful. What do you think?"

        "I think you're right." He said smiling huge.

       I laughed and started to walk. I looked up into the sky towards heaven and saw the dark cloud. I also saw a figure that shouldn't be up there. "Ash?" I wispered.

        "What was that?" Jessica asked me.

          "Oh. Nothing. Hey. I have to go. I'll catch up to you later alright. Jackson you listen to Jessica now." I said looking towards the sky.

         "But Emy! Jackson said sadly. "Why do you have to go."

        "Because I have things I need to do. Alright Jackson. Jessica, be careful going home ok? Call my name if you have any troubles. I said before turning to go.

       "Alright. We still on for the sleep over tonight?" Jessica responded.

       "I hope so." I said smiling at her. I then walked into the trees a little ways until I was out of sight. Then I took off into the air. 'If it's bad enough that Ash showed up I better be there to help fight.' I thought.

         When I got there I was immediately thrown into a battle with one of the demons. "Oh I wish this stupid battle would just end!" I said under my breath. I then fought my hardest not to get myself killed. Knocking out demons in the process. I didn't want to kill them! Some one else could later if it came to that.

The End

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