Rush to Heaven



After being push out of Ruby's flat, I was bum out of answers of having to fix the predicament, that the prophetess was in. I walked around the streets scratching the depths of my brain for an appropriate response but couldn't find any.  As if my mind needed a distraction I heard Cassarah's singing voice, something was happening in Heaven. I looked up to see the heavens in turmoil. Something bad was going on.  My wings jolted open as I took off leaving a small indentation on the ground as I rose quickly above the ground. I unsheathed the Dagger that Cassarah had given me.  I got up there quickly, the Fallen angel Ash had joined in on the battle. Projectiles rained down onto heaven from a dark cloud, so far no angel had managed to get past the storm of projectiles either. Well at least until now! I flew up above, and made my wings make the shape of a peregrine falcons wings would when diving for its prey.

As I plummeted down on the enemy a few bullets managed to pierce into my skin, the damage was minimal, but the pain was distracting my focus, if I missed it would mean getting shot even more, and maybe result into falling to my second death.  Somehow I managed to infiltrate the cloud, I opened my wings, and dug my dagger deep into the back of a demon, killing it instantly.

"An Angel is inside the cloud!" Another Demon shrieked. With deadly precision I slit its throat, its black blood spattered earthwards.

"Aw its the cute cowardly angel I met the other day!" The female winged demon said behind me with a new set of subordinates.  I was quickly surrounded, and realized, that I may not receive any help if I kept this fight in this dark cloud.

A demon came at me from behind, biting down onto my left shoulder, I elbow it off, before  grabbing it by the scruff of its neck with my right hand. Without hesitation I brought the demon above my head, and threw it out of the cloud.

"Back off he's mine." The female demon shouted," I'm going to have fun with you Angel, and I will enjoy bathing in your blood." She licked her lips before coming at me with her unbelievable power. I managed to block her attack but both of us hurtled out of the cloud into sky.

"Is that all you got angel?"

In response I flew behind her, and slashed with the dagger, I missed as she avoided the attack easily, her tail wrapped around my arm, and made me drop the dagger.

"Not so tough without your butter knife now! Are you?"

With both wings I pushed her away getting a distance between us. She had both agility and strength on her side. As for me I had speed, I had strength but not as much as she did. What else did I have?  She came at me with a downwards axe kick, I dodged but not fast enough because she got me with her fist. All my speed was stopped , as I ran into her fist.  My chest, and legs shot forwards, as blood spewed from my mouth.

"Gotcha!" She yells punching forwards sending me tumbling towards heaven violently. This was a one sided battle she was quicker, and stronger than me!  I hit heaven hard more blood spewed from my mouth.

"Angel Shard!" I heard someone cry out, I cringed at the pain, before spitting out some more blood. The wounds were superficial, but the pain was still blinding most of my perception. I got myself up slowly, More angels were arriving on the scene but most of them were to low of a rank to deal with the weapons,or the winged demons.  Cassarah, and Ash were singing a beautiful chorus holding the demons back from stepping on Heaven but no one was able to combat the strength or the numbers of the demons. I had no other choice but to try to beat this demon. With a powerful stroke from wings, and push with my legs. I shot back up for round to with the demon.

"Bring it on Coward!" She yelled. I had just enough of her calling me a coward too. I added and extra burst of speed, I had to protect heaven, no matter the cost! With  my resolve came a burst of bright light in my fists. A manifestation of my soul? I wondered, but I did not have time to ponder on the wonder of my glowing fists.  The demon went with a right hook which I avoided by bringing my head down. She then tried to kick my head, but this time speed was on my time as I grabbed her leg, and flipped her up, now she was flying uncontrollably. I flew up and finally manged to land a hit the light from my fist exploded brightly upon contact with the demon. I pulled my right fist back the light quickly coming back as my left fist collided with demon.  The demon flew higher her body was dissolving in the air as if she was being erased by the righteous light. What was this power? Below the battle continued, I looked at my hands the bright white light still glowing, I didn't have anytime to know what was happening, but I did know this was going to help change the tides of this battle.

The End

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