Awkward April

April lay on her bed, twidling her thumbs together. She wondered who the heck that girl was.

She got up and streached, 'Dean.' She looked at the boy who was laying on her floor, reading one of her vampire novels.


'Who is. . .Ruby?'April asked carefully. Not careful enough though.

April suddenly found herself on her hard, wooden-planked floor, pinned down by the Dean who suddenly had fearsome red eyes.

'No,' he snarled at her.

'What? Dean, 'lemmi go! Get off! It hurts!'She whimpered as his strong hands wrapped around her fragile wrists.

'I don't care.'

'You idiot! Get off me!' April growled, suddenly switching from harmless girl to rude chick.

'She said get off her!' A voice cried, a figure burst through her open window, swinging in like Tarzan.

'Zen! Get this guy off me!'April grumbled, when Zen stood there helpless, she took matters into her own hands and used the easy yet effective knee-to-groin technique.

Dean yelped in pain and rolled off her, his cheeks puffed out.

'Don't say that womans name in front of me ever again!' Dean hissed, visibly furious, his epic anger seemed to linger in the air when he disappeared.

'April! April! Are you okay!'Zen asked, rushing over.

'I'm fine. No thanks to you.' She muttered, Zen blushed and April laughed, 'I'm fine. It was a joke.'

'I. . .I know. It's just agony, seeing him with. .. no nevermind.'He said quickly.

'Tell me.'

'No. It doesn't matter.. . .I've got Xenia.' He whispered the last words so April could not hear.

'What?'April pressed, 'tell me. I order you to tell me as the prophetess of Heaven!'

'Oh, crud. I have to say it now don't I?' Zen said in a shaky voice then blurted, 'I think I like you but I can't because I like Xenia!'

'Oh.' April grunted. She'd no experience with this sort of talk because she had never been in this situation beofe.

'Ah. . . um. . .'Zen mumbled, scratching his head.

'Yeah. . .ummmm.. . .is it possible to like two people at once?' Asked April bluntly.

'I don't know.'

'Me either. Um, what should we do now?'Enquired April, feeling a little awkward.

This was going to be difficult, indeed. Because what those two didn't know was that the now-seething Dean was listening in, furious that someone made a move on his toy.

The End

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