Ruby- I hold all the cards


"That's enough bottles Ruby, you can get off now thanks." My boss Gina shouted down to me.

"Sure that will last?" I shouted back from the cellar covered in dust, dirt and sweat.

"Yeah should be, if not then I'll get Jess to grab some more." She called back. I went back up the stairs heading towards the staff room, when I heard Gina shout. "Oh can you just change a barrel before you go."

 I sighed and said through my teeth. "Which one?"

"Number 2, 3 and 4."

So I walked back down the stairs shaking my head, thinking why can't she ever do it herself? When I reached the cellar the light switch refused to work, I started to change barrel 2 trying to hurry and get home.

"O'sh-sugar." I snapped as the barrel slipped from my hands and started to pour all over the floor.

"Ruby! Can you bring the old boxes down of the shelves for me?" Gina's voice echoed down to me.

As if I haven't got enough to do I though angrily, I looked up moving curly stands of my hair away from my face and gasped seeing how high the boxes were on the top shelve. "You've got to be joking." It was times like this where I needed some wings, given my small petite size. So I started to climb, my heeled boots and hands wet from the barrel of split beer.

It wasn't the safest thing to be climbing; if it was a tree then it would be a different story. I smiled reminding myself what it was like to climb trees with my older brother Jarred. Again I slipped up and this time I lost my footing. I manage to grab the box but it split, everything fell out and something hard and cold smacked into my head, once again I was falling-thankfully it wasn't soo high this time. I cried out in pain when I landed hard on the floor, feeling my scars burn and then all I could see were stars dancing around my eyes.


"Grrruuum." I moaned rolling over and trying to open my tired eyes. "Where? Wait how?" My eyes adjusted against the early morning sun that streamed across my bed. I closed my eyes again thinking back to what happened last night.

"Okay, after warning that girl I went to work. It was busy, Gina asked me to grab some bottles from the cellar and then I had to go back down to change a barrel." My head was banging, putting my hand to the side of my head I could feel small cut. "Oh no." I opened my eyes, jumped out of bed a little too fast making me sway and I looked in the mirror.

"No freaking way." The girl staring back at me looked terrible. Hair a dark curly tangled mess, clothes stained creased, make-up half whipped off and to top it off I reeked of Stael beer. "Very attractive." I mumbled and striped my clothes off and nearly falling over my boots that were by the end of my bed.

I stumbled into the shower and for a while I was in heaven. The water washed everything away and I leant against the wall trying to remember anything else from last night. Everything was a burl, nothing made sense and it hurt my head to much to think.

How did I get home? Why were my boots at the end of my bed? Also who cleaned my cut because surly I didn't do it. Did I? Did I take something which made me forget? I climbed out of the shower slipping a thin night top on and dressing grown over my back.

My hand touched the bathroom door knob, when I felt the present of another in the flat. Slowly and carefully I opened the door ready to face my intruder.

I gasped stood frozen in the doorframe, seeing the angel lousily sitting on my stool by the mirror. He was staring in the mirror, until his blue eyes found my mine and then he smiled.

"Angel Ruby." He said using my old title and standing up facing me.

I regained myself narrowing my eyes. "You might as well drop the ‘angel Ruby'; I'm not really an angel anymore, just the fallen."

"Sorry I-

"Doesn't anyone knock doors anymore?" I snapped back.

"Don't you close your windows?" He said raising an eyebrow.

"Shut up Shard, just because you've got your ‘white wings' now, don't you think for a second that you can order me around like Conway did." I snarled my words with hatred toward Conway. "You know nothing."

"You haven't heard?" Shard replied his face a mixture of emotions.

"I don't exactly get the ‘Angel today' magazine through my letterbox." I commented running the hair brush through my wet hair.

"Conway...he's dead." Shard said quietly.

My hand stopped for a moment, and then I carried on changing the conversation. "So I'm guessing that you didn't just drop by to catch up."

He shrugged walking over to me. "Can't old friends drop in and say hi?"

"You're forgetting that I don't do friends."

"We used to be friends Ruby, had each other back."

"Shard what are you doing here, I won't ask you again." My voice was hard and I was tense with Shard body soo close to me. "Is it about the Prophetess girl?"

"I need your help." I stopped brushing my hair and looked at Shard, really looked at him. "Please Ruby." We both just stood like that staring at each other.

"Why should I?" He hesitated and I smiled in amusement. "Hmm, and they say I play games with people."

"But you do-

"Beside the point. I don't play into other people's games, not anymore." I turned my back on him. "That girl well protected, what with the teenage angel and you hiding in the shadows."

"I need your help though; you're the only fallen angel around who can do it and the only one who can distract either of them." Shard pushed his words coming up behind me.

"Either of them?" I asked picking up on the slip that he made. "I'm guessing that you don't want her interfering with this other guy?"

"How did you know that it was a, well a guy as such?" Puzzlement in his voice and I smiled again.

"Who's the guy then and what have...wait yesterday when I meet that girl, she was with..." I gasped remember warning her about a demon, but I didn't see who the demon actually was, only sensing him. I turned seeing my answer on Shard face. "Dean." I gasped.

Shard just nodded.

"Get out Shard." I whispered.


"I said get out." I repeated my voice stronger now I walked away from him, but Shard reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Wait Ruby." I pulled and pulled but Shard grip was hard.

"Let go of me Shard!" I shouted still struggling.

"No Ruby, I know that it's a lot to ask but..." Shard tailed off and I stopped moving realising what he was looking at.

"Let go of me." Gritting my teeth and glaring at him. Shard release my arm stepping back opened mouth. "Goodbye Shard."

"Ruby, who did this, your wings, what colou-

"I won't ask you weren't there when it happened...just go please." I wrapped my arms around myself feeling like a small child. I heard his footsteps, the door close and then his words in my head.

‘Find me if you change your mind Ruby.'    




The End

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