A Sneak Attack From Hell!

I heard a low thud from behind me. I span round, readying myself for a attack, but it was Xenia who has been shot by one of the enimies arrows!

'Xenia! Xenia! Answer me!' I yelled, lifting her limp body from the edge of the cloud.

'C....c....Cass....ar...ah...'She muttered, blood trickling from her mouth and gushing from her shoulder.

'Xenia! Xenia! I'm going to get someone! Stay here! I'll be right back! That Dark Cloud cannot bypass the Heavens barrier!' I told her, my heart was beating like crazy. I had to do something and fast.

'Kay..  ..'She whispered, passing out. I left her in a safer spot and screamed for help.

I'm usually a calm, collected person. But right now; I couldn't deal with this by myself., 'PALMER! ASH! C--'

I gasped, realising that two of my n=most important friends couldn't be with me in my time of need. I took deep breaths, I wouldn't be able to sing like this. I had to be calm. . .calm.

'Oh what the heck!' I mumbled, bursting into song. It was loud, clear and rang out through all of Heaven and maybe some parts of Earth.

That is also why we were chosen as the Four Trusted Angels. We were all incredible singers. All angels can sing, all angels can sing wonderfully. But take that holy power of fifteen hundred angels all singing at the same time and times that by five hundred and Ash, Conway, Palmer and I all have more powerful voices. But Ash. . .oh, Ash! He had the best voice in the world, he was the best singer out of all of us. I remembered how he used to sing my lullaby's so I could sleep when we first made it into Heaven. I shook my head and concentrated on the situation.

'Cassarah! I heard you voice! What the--'Palmer broke off as he flew over quickly, spotting the giant Dark Cloud that was currently sending arrows into Heaven left right and centre.

'What do we do Palmer?! I. . .haven't sung a destruction song since. . . since Ash and c-c-Con--' Palmer put a finger to my lips and grinned, as he pointed below.

'ASH?! HOW... WHAT... THE BARRIER...?'I screeched, Ash didn't look too well. Why was he here? Did he hear me singing all the way from Earth? He was sweating and looked very ill. I'm suprised he got this close let alone get past the barrier.

'Sing...ing.... I guess I can give one more.. ..consert before I bow... out...'He panted, beating his wings furiously as he tried to fly up.

'Thanks, man. It means alot to see you again.' Palmer whispered, but Ash was acting oddly cold to him, 'anyway, Cassarah! You and Ash hold off the Dark Cloud by weapons, voice or whatever means nessesary! Kill it! Defend Heaven!'He ordered, patting me on the head, I nodded and grabbed Ash's wrist as I opened my mouth.

'Take Xenia away from the danger, Palmer! Get her away!' I yelled before Ash and I burst into song . . . 

The End

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