Xenia - It begins..

I was at the training grounds, sparring with Cassarah when she lost her concentration. I took the opportunity to thrust my knife against her throat. She didn't react, not even flinching at the closeness of the metal to her skin. Her gaze was fixed at something in the far distance. I sighed, and slid my leg quickly under her, tripping her. 

"Hey! What was that for?" She asked indignantly. 

"You would've been dead, so I was helping you assume your role." I giggled.

"What? Oh, sorry, I'm just.. a little.. distracted. That will be all for today. Infact, I think that is all I can teach you on hand-to-hand combat. You will have to find another teacher to teach you the mysterious ways of the bow and arrow." She announced, spreading her wings, obviously getting ready to leave.

"B-but you've only been training me a week!" I exclaimed, grabbing her arm. 

"You seem to be rather a natural. Spar with some of the other green angels, see if you can teach them how to fight, too." She said quickly, her gaze fixed, yet again, on something far off in the distance. She shook off my grip and took off, flying away in the direction she had been looking. Ignoring her implied command to go back to the green dorm and spar with my comrades, I followed her. She landed on the outskirts of heaven, the place where the cloud ended. I hovered above her, searching for what she had been looking at. 

 That was when I saw it. The dark cloud that was hurtling toward us. Hurtling towards heaven. Arrows.. The war had really begun... I stopped in mid-air, petrified. My breath came in short gasps as I watched the arrows come closer, and closer and... 

Something thudded into my shoulder. An arrow. My eyelids fluttered, and then, seeing the crimson blood on my green dress, I fainted, plummeting to the ground.. 

The End

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