Staying within shadows.



After getting my orders directly from Cassarah, I hit my bed like a block of lead, my feelings of being as light as air faded as my eyes closed.

The morning light poured down so softly it was hard to believe currently we are at war with the demons in hell, it was hard to believe that everything will be put upside down as the lingering storm hits. I closed my eyes praying for only the best of results. Grabbing the knife that Cassarha gave me, I dived earthwards enjoying the air currents, and roaring winds. I did a few loopty loops, before letting myself free fall closing my eyes. Everything was going to be fine, and I was going to make sure it stayed that way. Even if I somehow lost gods trust, and lost my innocence, I will use every second of my being to make sure everything will be fine.

With precision I twisted, and with a powerful swoop of my wings I halted the free fall, with another I shot towards earth at a rockets pace, the ground got dangerously close. A smile grew on my face how far would I go down before making the move to avoid flattening myself with the ground? Ever since I gotten these wings there was nothing better than flying. When I was living I could never have dreamed of such a thrilling experience but upon death, did i ever enjoy it. I opened my wings  pulling on the air violently narrowly miss a few trees as I levelled out at incredible speed.  Now I needed to find that  April girl, or Angel Zen. I closed my eyes looking for Angel Zen's presence which would be like an uncontainable ball of energy because from what I heard he was very eager, and full of energy.  Couldn't say that I was the same way back then. It didn't take to long to lock in on his presence, I made my decent quickly ,and hid my wings carefully. The two were walking on the streets, the girl looked bored, and Zen looked pretty happy doing his job. He didn't seem to notice me drop in, and it was better if I kept it that way even though its pretty hard to follow someone in a dark trench coat and not look suspicious at all.

I could also feel the minor presence of a demon, I Immediately assumed it was Dean. I hoped Dean didn't manipulate her to much to have her side with Demons, or even worse roped her in like he did Ruby. That would make things difficult if I killed him, because we would truly look like the bad guys. As the day wore on Zen had left when the sun began to lower on the horizon, this is where I really came into play. She walked the streets some more, did she ever go home? Also on that did she even go to school? Something very strange happened as she bumped into Angel Ruby. It didn't go to well, I felt an urge to talk to my fallen comrade, but I knew I had to keep myself hidden. Both parted as Ruby confused April by saying,

"Your the girl.....The Prophetess."

After Ruby had walked a considerable distance away from April, April summoned Dean who was quite unhappy by the order to follow after Ruby. Did he have feeling for her, I was always under the assumption he made her fall in love with him to get rid of a threat, or just for fun. Dean looked into my general direction. He knew I was here alright, and ushered April to move before disapearing. Angel Ruby quickly came around barely see able, perhaps giving April a warning about Dean before quickly leaving the area. I quickly followed after her but something seemed off as the streets emptied quickly. I made double sure my footsteps were as noticeable as a cats stalking its prey. April's pace sped up was she noticing me now?  Instinctively I placed myself around a corner. To make sure I gave her tons of space.

"Now that's something I don't see everyday." Deans smooth voice rolled over me. I turned quickly to see his smug face.

"What do you mean you repulsive creature?" I retort.

"That's fairly rude of you Angel Shard! And I meant see an Angel lingering in the shadow's especially a white winged angel."

"I wouldn't have to if you didn't set eyes on the Prophetess." I reply calmly," What are you doing here Dean, I could easily spill your blood on the streets, not just because of your interference but as well as bringing an angel down here you out of a so called love for you!" 

"But you won't. Things wouldn't go over to well with the young lady." He said like he had beaten me in a game of poker. 

"You didn't answer my question."

" Oh I thought I would drop by , and talk to you seeing that both of us can not hurt the other. Thought I would offer a small peace treaty, but you have been most uncivil."

"Don't play innocent Dean it doesn't suit the whole Demon look."

" No, and neither does an angel causing violent acts." He retorted," I will be seeing you around Angel." He said leaving.

I hated the fact he was right, there was no hope in killing him unless we wanted to lose full support from April. I had two choices, I introduce myself to April or I drop in on Ruby, and see if she would be willing to help. Perhaps I will do both. Guess I will talk to April first,then I will talk to Ruby, but I wasn't to sure how she would react to seeing me or any angel asking for help to get Dean to look bad or get distanced away from April in a way that will get rid of his influence for good.


The End

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