Ash: Old Friends from the Past

"Get away from me demon!" she screamed and I stopped following her. Is that what she really thought of me? Forcing myself not to cry I sighed.

"I guess I'm nothing to you anymore." I whispered, hurt. Even after all we'd been through I was truly no longer wanted. I started to leave.

"Ash where the heck do you think your going you idiot!" she screeched. The sound of it scared me but I stopped and turned back to her. "As if I really meant that! I'm just mad! Really mad, Ash! You've left us! Now Conway's left us and... and..." I could see the tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"C-Conway? What happed to Conway?" I was shocked at this. Conway was one of the first to disagree with my plan of Falling. He was strongly against it. Why would he...?

"Conway died..." Cassarah sniffed

"How?" I asked. You can die twice?

"JEZEBEL killed him." I could feel my hands begin to shake. Conway was dead. And by her hands. Suddenly anger swept through me.

"Well you have Palmer anyway. So you're fine." I have no idea where that came from but at that moment I didn't care. "So why don't you just go back to him?"

"Y-yeah... I guess so.. um.. Fine then!" with that said she left me sitting there. After a moment of numbness I stood up. I really needed a drink.

I was sitting at the bar waiting to give my order when I heard a familer voice behind me.

"Well well well I do feel privilege one of the four trusted angels to Lord sitting a mere few feet from me." Ruby said smugly. I kept my face to the counter not wanting to talk to my fellow Fallen. "Oh but wait... I've got it wrong and judging by your blacker than night wings I've got it very wrong, Ash." 

Unable to contain it any longer I reached over and grabbed her neck and slammed her on the floor. Today was a strange day indeed. I leaned over her. 

"Careful Ruby, I don't ever remember you ever reaching your white wings."

"Cassarah must be lonely now, right?" I forced myself not to show any emotion.

"How's Dean lately?" Once I said those words I found myself underneath her.

"That was low." Her hair fell over her shoulders "I want nothing to do with him; I have no feelings for him." 

"I believe you but your eyes tell me something different, Ruby." I told her honestly meeting her eyes. After a second she stood up and muttered "Sorry." Then left.

Right after that I didn't feel like getting a drink and continued on my way home. This was a really off day. When I arrived at home I laid down on my bed not bothering to change out of my clothes and attempted to fall asleep. I wasn't even tired.

I was up all night and was definitly not looking forward to the new day.


The End

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