April's Question: Who is that Girl?!

'Hey! You! Don't walk away from me!'April yelled after the girl, 'I'm soooo getting Dean to find out who she is!'

'You called?'Dean murmured in her ear suddenly, then he froze, his eyes fixing on the girl in front of him, 'move it,  April.'

'Huh? NO way! I need you to follow that chick! Tell me who she is!' April demanded, 'I'll get a much more help angel to do the job for me.'

'Low blow, April. We all know demons are way better and anyway, I'm not following her.'


'Because I don't want to. Do you need another answer?'He said coldly. April flinched, Dean is never usually uses that tone with her, he spys her crining away from him and puts a arm around her, 'sorry.'

'No problem.'She shrugged, shaking off his arm, but she spotted the girl from before looking back with a mad expression on her face, 'who is she?'

'A Fallen.'Dean whispered, 'anyway, gotta go, sweetheart. You've got angel following you and you'll get introuble if I stick around.'

'I'll see you again, right?' April pressed, tugging on his sleeve.

'Sure. See you later, April.' He smiled and disappeared.

She looked ahead. The rude girl was gone. April frowned and scratched her head, she was sure that girl was just ahead.

'Don't get too close to that demon. He'll only break your heart, kiddo.'A voice whisperedin her ear before drifting away with a gust of wind, April spun around to see nothing.. . .

Who is that girl, She yelled in her head.

The End

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