Ruby- Fallen emotions


I working out back in the office when I could sense another approaching, interested to see who it was I walked to the main bar of the club and waited to see if they would enter. Moments later a mop of black messy hair came and sat at the bar.

"Well well, well I do feel privilege one of the four trusted angels to Lord sitting a mere few feet away from me." I smiled wickedly, he carried on looking down at the bar pretending to notice me and I decided to stick the knife in deeper. "Oh, but wait...I've got it wrong and judging by your blacker then night wings I've got it very wrong, Ash."

He was fast to react I'll give him that, the moment I raised my eye brow at him, his hand reached out and grabbed my neck he pulled me over the bar slamming me on the floor.

Ash leaned over me breathing in my face. "Careful Ruby, I don't remember you ever reaching your white wings."

"Cassaraha must be lonely now, right?" It was a dangerous line to use against him, but I felt the challenge to fight back. It was a game, I knew Ash for quite a while now and I remembered when they came into heaven.

A flicker crossed his eyes but his face remained the same blank expression. "How's Dean lately?" That trigger some emotion in me and I found the power and strength to flip over landing on Ash's body.

"That was low." I lowered my head, my hair falling over my shoulders blocking the world. "I want nothing to do with him; I have no feelings for him."

"I believe you, but your eyes are telling me something different Ruby." This wasn't good, I hated that my eye betrayed me and I noticed that Ash was still staring at me.

I stood up looking round noticing everyone wasn't paying much attention to us. "Sorry." I muttered before walking out the bar not daring to look back.

I walked endlessly down the streets that held human families, thinking of my own back in heaven, wondering if they still remembered the girl that they cared for and even calling her their daughter. I was lost in my own world that I didn't pay any attention to who was in front of me, until we both fell on the ground.

 "Hey watch it!" The girl shouted standing up.

"You watch it!" I snapped back jumping back up glaring at her.

"Me? Excuse me but you bumped into me." She argue looking me up and down.

I gasped. "And you can stop with those approving little eyes of yours. Guessing someone hasn't told you that Halloween has been and gone." I replied rising my eye brow hands on hips.

"Who do you think you are? Specking to me like that?" She said trying to copy my movement but not quite getting the style.

"Wouldn't you like to know my long life? I really don't have time for your school yard drama, plus I'll speak to you how I like." I glared at her; something started to tingle in my head like something important about this girl.

"O' I am ever so sorry, what a shame I didn't see you coming and then I could have avoided you altogether." She turned and walked away from me. And that was when her words sunk in.

"You're the girl." I blurted out without thinking; she stopped but didn't turn around. "The prophetess."

"How do you know about that? I fact who are you?" She asked.

I sighed wondering where to take this conversation. "You're protected that's all that matters." I walked away leaving her on her own, only I knew that she wasn't alone not really and sensing that her protection were close by weather they had seen our encounter or not was another matter.


The End

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