Cassarah's Resolution.

Hey! Cass! That guy Shard has come back from the human world. Do you need to talk to him?' Palmer asked, swooping down from above. I looked up.

'Oh, welcome back Palmer. . .and yes, I would like to converse with him. I would also like to give him a new  mission... I hear he is eager for work.'I smiled, standing up and unfurling my wings, 'Palmer, can you just polish my left wing's emerald please?'

'Sure.'He laughed, rubbing his sleeve on the shining green stone, 'why is so dusty? You been with a Fallen or soemthing?'

'Nothing of the sort!'I said quickly. Too quickly. He frowed then his expression lightened up.

'Anyway, Angel Shard is in the White Angel Quaters.'He told me,poiting to the left,  'it's that way.'

'I go there everyday to promote angels, Palmer. I know where it is.'I smirked, leaping into the air, using my legs to propel myself with as much force as possible.

I covered ground quickly and arrived at the White Quaters in a matter of seconds.

'Shard. Angel Shard.'I called, his head snapped to where I was, he breathed a sigh of releif, 'you have good reflexes.'

'Thanks. What did you want Angel Cassarah?' He asked, bowing his head a little.

'Oh please! Do not bow your head to me. And call me Cassarah.'I laughed freely, landing on the floor gently.


'Anyway, I'm assigning you to another mission if you can handle it.'I told him, he nodded and I handed him a photo, 'this, Shard, is April Gene. She's LORD's prophetess.  I want you to. . .observe this child. I think even though Zen is keeping a close eye on her, I think that she is meeting up with the demon named Dean.'

He gasped and looked at the picture of the oddly dressed girl, 'you don't mean the Dean that cause Angel Ruby to fall?'

I nodded, a severe expression on my face, 'I do not usually resort to violence I beleive it to be a sin. But if our pure prophetess get's let astray by Dean, then we've lost our Sight. This child likes danger, she is drawn to him . . .but. . .'

'But what?'He asked, anxious.

'But I think the April is also drawn towards him because . .. because this child, she's distantly related to a demon. If Dean encourages it, her demonic side with surface, if it already hasn't in her dress sense.'I said seriously.

'I understand. I'll do my best to watch her. Cassarah, should I notify Angel Zen of this?'He asked. I wondered why this young man was so polite.

'No. Do not. If he knows, he'll push himself to his limit's trying to prove himself. That child is way too energetic!'I laughed, I patted Shards shoulder and handed him a wavy, silver dagger studded with sapphire's, 'if Dean get's too close, kill him.'

'I understand, but what if LORD consider's it a sin and takes away my Innocence?'He asked, worried. I could see the loyalty burning in his eyes and it made me happy that he was determined to serve LORD.

'He wont. If it's to remove the sinner's that have lodged themselves on earth's surface then you will be fine. I hope. Unless you do it with the wrong state of him. Only think of protecting her.'I told him sternly.

'I understand. I will take my leave now. Thankyou.'He bowed, grasping the silver Angelic Dagger in his hand, and with a great swoop of his wings, he disappeared.

He had considerably large wings despite his status. . .

The End

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