Saftey, and orders to return to heaven



"Shard! What the hell is going on down here!" Lisa says running over to me with an assault rifle in his hands. I was in Afghanistan and things went from Bad to worse when LORD had declared war on hell. Now Demons were popping out left, right, and centre. Blood was pooling everywhere on the desert floor.

"I don't know! I think we should pull out!" I lied. I knew what we had to do. I had been working with Lisa for a while she was going to turn out to be an important leader in the future, and I was made her Guardian angel for the time. It's pretty hard working undercover especially when she joined the army.  I managed to make up some cover story about doing some military writing so I could keep a watchful eye.

"I'll cover you!" She yells diving as a grenade goes off.

"Lisa, its actually they other way around!" I reply,"Remember?"

"You don't have a gun. Have you been hit?"  She asks with concern.

"Come on just follow me!" I say more explosions going off. She nodded as we ran through the disaster zone. Buildings were falling apart, shrapnel flew in every direction, war had changed in the last  700 years, I remembered when it was bow, and arrows, against the sword, and shield. In front of us dust, and sand were settling as three  winged souls stood in our path. They licked their lips, they could smell who I was. Lisa shook in fear seeing their fearsome wings.

"A delicious meal boys." The leading female winged soul said, " A white Angel, and a blessed human."

"Lisa stand back!" I order without hesitation.

"Shard what are they!?"She screamed forgetting her own courage.

" Demons." I reply quietly letting my wings free,It was about time they needed a good stretch for the longest time. Now Lisa was completely obstructed from the demon's view.

"Impressive show angel, but please get out of the way!" The male winged soul says on the right of the female, he sounded a bit to confident.  I flap my right wing slightly sending him flying backwards through a wall.

"I like a good fight. Johnson I'll take his right, you take his left."The leading demon says, they both take off into a speedy flight, I held my ground. Johnson came up faster then his leader,  I managed to ward him off with another powerful sweep of my wings also sending him through a few cement walls.   The Leader came down on me hard, it took all my strength to not collapse to the ground under the power of the strike.  With all my strength I manage to push her back a few feet.

"Your not like your subordinates." I comment.

"And your not what I expected your kinda a cute. For an angel."

"That's a new one."I mumble sarcastically.

She charged again but this time, I decide, I didn't have the time to fight her so I grab the petrified Lisa, and take flight quickly. On the ground I could hear the Demon scream with anger, and discontentment, she obviously wanted a dirty, brutal, bone breaking fight.  I felt a slight pull on my soul to give her one but it was against my orders. Lisa passed out on our way back to the Canadian base of operations. I flew low to keep a low profile, as I landed, I was greeted by a  cream winged angel named Jason.

"Good job Shard we'll take care of things from here. LORD wants you to report back to heaven Immediately."

"Alright." I said keeping the slight pain I felt inside as I handed over Lisa's unconscious body over to Jason,"Jason when she wakes up, tell her I died, and don't think she will remember the part with the demons, and me unfurling my wings. It was a pretty stressful situation."

"Okay, don't worry okay everything will be fine Shard. Don't sweat a thing. It will be like old times back in Japan." Jason said Reassuringly.

"Thanks Jason." I said not able to shake the feeling of the nearing Maelstrom,of disaster, pain, and suffering.  I took off skyward, doing my best to remove my emotional attachment to Lisa, and Earth. I am angel, I was tied to the sky not the earth. So why couldn't I shake this worry from my soul?


The End

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