April's two odd Guardian's.

April left, feeling rather pleased with herself.

She whistled as she walked down the lane. She was grinning like an idot.  For some bizzare reason she felt good. Like she'd helped something wonderful.

That short girl and Zen. . .they must have something. That must be nice, she thought, to have something nice with someone.

She walked over to a nearby bench wich a guy with messy black hair had just departed from, looking miserable. April shrugged and sat down.

She opened her rucksack and pulled out a candy bar. She chewed on it thoughtfully. That Dean guy. . . Who was he? And what did he want with her?

'Hmmm. . .'She murmured, 'Dean.'


'Ah! Jesus! Don't creep up on me like that!' April gasped, 'so I see you really do come on command? What, so I've got not only an angel. But a demon?'

'Maybe. Or maybe your just too interesting to leave alone.'Dean smirked.

'Whatever. Your weird.'April told him pointedly.

'Hey now, anyway, what does a little prophetess like yourself want with a dashingly handsome demon like myself?'Dean asked with a cocky tonet o his voice.

'Hmm. I wonder.'She said, thinking mockly hard, 'you know. I want to know if you killed my mother or did Angel Zen make that up?'

'He made it up.'

'How do I know that your lying?'

'You don't! I could be lying, hey! I'm a demon. It's in my nature!'He said, throwing his hands up in the air.

April frowned and fiddled with her lip peircing, 'your a odd one, Dean.'

'I know.'He laughed, sitting down beside the scary-looking girl. Dean stared at April.

'What? Do I have something on my face?'April demanded, punching him in the arm.

'No. . .your much alike to an angel I, uhrm, once knew.'He muttered, 'I mean, you look absoloutly nothing like her. . .' He coughed and shook his head then rubbed his hair. He looked at her and smiled.

April was shocked, she'd never seen such a smile on this demon's face before, she frowned at him. 'So you only see me because I remind you of this girl?'

'No! I mean, a little but. But I find you weird anyway. You remind me of Hell. It's a comfort.'

'I am part demon.'She muttered, embarassed.

'Ah! Thats great! That means we canhang out wihtout the angels having a go at us!'He said.

April pulled a face, 'who says I'm gunna hang out with you?' She smirked at him.

'. . .Well, because you've summond me. Didn't Zen tell you the reason that you can't summon me?'April shook her head. 'Because if a human with supernatural powers, ie: a prophet, summons a demon, that demon is tied to them and stuff.'

'So basically, I've got a guardian angel and a guardian demon?' She aksed, skeptical of the situation. Dean nodded, grinning slyly. 'So your stuck to me, and I haven't got a choice?'


'And whenver I mention your anem, I summon you?'


'What if I accidentally say it in the shower?'

'All the better for me.' He purred.

'Ew! Lecher! Your, like, 16!'

'No, I'm actually 11116. My looks to humans are actually supposed to be around 14-15.'He stated.

April looked at him in disbeleif, 'old man.' She muttered.

'New, fresh meat.'He whisperd in her ear, making her jump. She stood up and put her hands on her hips.

'You ever had a burger?'She asked, Dean shook his head. 'You have not lived! Come, come! I'll take you to a burger bar.'

She held out a hand to help him up, he grabbed it. She noticed how firm his grip was. April shook her head and tried to whip out those weird thoughts.

She didn't notice that all the way there, Dean was staring at her.

The End

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