Xenia - Zen

"Zen! Zen! Hello-ooo, Zeee-nnn?" I yelled, swooping down to Earth. Zen quickly appeared, followed by a strange-looking human with green hair, who I assumed was the Prophetess. 

"Xenia?" Zen called, grinning. "You got moved up to green rank? That's awesome!" 

"Uhuh. And I bet you'll be joining me soon, huh?" I smiled. Zen blushed, and opened his mouth to reply when the human girl cleared her throat loudly. "Um, was there something, Prophetess?" I asked nervously. She was so much taller than me, and she just looked so... intimidating.. 

"Can I go now?" She directed at Zen. 

"Um, yeah, sure. I'll see you tomorrow." He grinned and waved at her as she retreated. I couldn't help staring into Zen's big, blue eyes. He and I had been friends ever since he had come to heaven, just a week after me. We laughed and played and flew together, and I really loved him more than just as a friend...

"So, Zen, how's your mission protecting the human girl going?" I asked, trying not to stare. I could feel my cheeks reddening. 

"Its good. So I hear your going to be getting a mission down here with the mortals soon..." His words tailed off into a question. I looked away, but then he grabbed my chin and tilted it upwards, toward his. "So?"

"Yeah.. The LORD told me I will... Cassarah is teaching me how to fight. It was her who sent me here to check on you." The instant it leaves my mouth, I realize it is a mistake. His face falls, and he takes his hand from its intimate position on my cheek. "What is it,  Angel Zen?" I murmur. 

"So.. So thats why you came... Because Cassarah sent you.. You didn't- You don't..." He tailed off, his cheeks going as red as mine. 

"What do you mean, Angel Zen?" I asked, my voice serious. 

"I.. I mean.. you don't.." 

"I don't what, Zen?" 

"You don't.. care for me.." 

"I care for you! I care for you more than I care for any other angel in heaven!" 


"But nothing Zen. I... I love you!" I blurt. And that is when he leans down, and his lips brush mine, ever so gently. His arms slide around me, and my large green wings shield us from the world. I break off after a few moments, folding my wings again. "I have to leave. Before any humans spot us. It's getting late, and I have an early training session with Cassarah tomorrow. I'll see you soon, Zen.." 

"I love you too, Xenia. May LORD bless you and watch over you always." He murmurs, kissing my forehead. I murmur the same to him, then take flight, beginning my journey back to heaven... 

The End

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