Cassarah: Unwanted Encounter!

'Palmer! I'm off!'I yelled, jumping into the air, but he caught my leg and pulled me down.

'Don't forget you've got that meeting with Xenia!' He told me, poking my nose. I wrinkled my face and nodded.

'As I said, I'm off.'I laughed, I leaped into the air and I soon found myself in the human world.

I shuddered, it was weird here. I was feeling a odd chill...


'. . .ASH?!'

'Um. . .hi.'He muttered, looking a little sheepish. His hands were in his pockets, his messy black hair was still there; almost begging me to smooth it down.

'What in the world are you doing here?' I whispered, because if I spoke any louder, I think I'd cry.

'. . .Um, shopping.'He told me, holding up a plastic bag.

'Well, in any case, I have to go!'I burbled, I jumped up into the air and tried fly away. I felt another person following me.

It was Ash. His wings. . .why were is wings. . .black?

'Cassarah! Let me talk to you!' He yelled, beating his hideous new wings faster.

'Stay away from me, demon!'I cried, I sucked in a shocked breath and felt guilty. How could I have called him that. He looked at me, hurt. He was biting his lip. It looked like he was about to cry.

'Well. ..I guess I'm nothing to you anymore.'He whispered, sad.

'ASH! WHERE THE HECK DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING YOU IDIOT!'I screeched. It was a terrible noise, but it caught his attention, 'as if I meant that! I'm just mad! Really mad, Ash! You left us! Now Conway's left and. . .and...' I was once again on the verge of tears.

'C-conway? What happened to Conway?'He asked carefully, tugging my dress so we could float down to a bench.

'Con-Conway died.'I sniffed. I would not cry. I would not cry.

'How.' His voice was steely.

'JEZEBEL  killed him.'

He just sat there on the bench, opening and closing his wings.  His big hands were shaking like crazy.

'Well, you have Palmer anyway. So your fine.'He said in a cold voice. I looked at him. His face was blank. I'd never seen this expression of his, 'so why don't you just go back to him.'

I looked at him in shock. I was sad and angry at the same time, 'ye-yeah.. .I guess so. . . um.  ..fine then!'Iknow I finished the sentence childishly; but how could he be so. . .so stupidly blind?!

He didn't even look up as I left hurridly. I didn't even know what I came to earth for.

Well, I guess I feel better now I know how he feels.

'Goodbye, Ash. I guess we never were supposed to be. ..'

The End

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