The Four Trusted Angels

There was once a time when I dreamed of becoming a Pure Angel. It sounded fun at the time. I would be able to take on new responsiblities, go on adventures, save mankind. Palmer, Conway, Cassarah and I had been the top four Pure Angels. God's right hand servants. We had even been friends when we were still alive. The day we died flashed through my mind.

"What do you think heaven is like?" Cassarah asked on the train we were taking to somewhere. She gazed out the window. Us guys exchanged looks at the question.

"It's probably a really nice place." Conway answered with a shrug.

"Why do you ask?" I asked sitting up a bit straighter. Cassarah was never able to answer my question for that was when the crash happened and we all died.

I always laughed at how ironic it was that she had asked that question right before we had gone to heaven. It also pained me that even after we had died she had stuck with Palmer. He had been the lucky one. Ture I had no proof of it but it seemed that way. Conway could've cared less if Cass had chosen him. They were just really good friends. Well we were all really good friends.

I stood under a giant oak looking up at heaven, wondering if I would ever see Cassarah again. Maybe even Palmer and Conway because I couldn't say I didn't miss them too. We'd been friends as long as I could remember. I could only imagine my betrayal had been hardest on them. There were times I asked myself if it had been worth it to Fall.

"Oh, Cassarah. Where ever you are, please know that I'm sorry for the pain I caused you." I said to the sky, wondering if she was listening "I couldn't stay though." With that said I turned in the direction of my apartment.

The End

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