Ruby- Evenly, beaten, choice


Glazing out my dark brown eyes scanned the area, the day was clear and a light wind lifting my wavy hair from my shoulders. Times had changed. I've changed. And the world is changing. Birds were flying from tree to tree building their nests, keeping their families safe. In many ways I evened them.

I turned and walked off the balcony to my apartment slamming the doors shut.

"Aggressive much?" The human boy Luke said from my bed.

"You still here, kid?" I snapped back raising an eye brow.

He looked puzzled for a moment. "I'm older then you."

"Sure about that." I muttered under my breath. "I have no use for you, the doors there." I pointed to the door down the hall.

"What was last night then?" He asked getting his stuff together.

"A distraction." I sat on my stool applying my make-up and hair. I heard him walk towards the door when his footsteps stopped.

"Last night, when I touched your back I could feel-

"Car crash, my skin was burnt and cut." I replied bluntly standing up and walking over to my walk in wardrobe. "You can go now."

It was partly the truth anyway. The real truth I kept close to my heart. Looking over my clothes I felt a tug of sadness thinking of my 18th century dresses, the way a bodice use to fit my perfectly shape body and the jewels that decorated my skin. But all of that was whipped away from me; I lost everything due to the fire that swept my home one dark night.

Although, I adopted myself into a new family when I entered heaven and for a while things were looking up. But things soon change, I made mistakes, things got out of control, I was betrayed and I was disowned. Left bleeding on my own. The scars running deep down my back as a reminder, that I will never fly back to heaven and reclaim my average angel rank.

After I had finished dressing I walked back into my bedroom room, having that skin crawling feeling spread over me. I found the source standing by open balcony doors, glaring at me with his dark red tinted eyes. "Don't you knock door." I asked hearing the cockiness in my voice and re-thinking my comment knowing who I am talking to. "What are you doing here?"

"Guessing you haven't heard yet." He says.

"What?" I replied.

"A prophet has been discovered in the area. A girl about 13 years of age."

"H-how do you know, wait that means that-

"Yes she has a protector...Dean introduced himself, you remember Dean right and the choice that you made..." He trailed off casually opening and closing his wings.

"Don't you dare bring that up. I chosen to stay with my family, I wouldn't cross the line between angels and demons. I will not be like you!" I shout.

"And look what happened! When they found out about you and my brother they didn't just give you a slap of the wrists Ruby. You carry the marks to prove what happens when an angel falls for a demon." I looked away feeling the shame that I brought down on myself and my family. "I gave you the choice Ruby, remember that. You could be with Dean."

"Roman, I made my choice and now I have to live with it." I whispered putting my arms around my chest trying to stop my heart breaking...again.

"I forgot to mention but...angels and demons are now at war with each other. Of course as you are fallen-

"Yer yer I know. I don't belong to anyone, no one gives me orders anymore and I like that. I don't care what happens; I look out for me and only me. Everyone else is a weakness." I sigh looking back to see that Roman has already gone, leaving me alone in my bedroom and looking at the birds flying with their feathered wings, making nests for their loving family.

It took everything I had in my body not let a tear escape my eye.  

The End

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