April's Past

Zen patted her head and smiled at her.

'Please, Zen, explain this mess to me!'April mumbled, putting her head on his shoulder.

'Sit down then.'

'No way, it's mucky.'

'Fine, this story isn't very beleivble though...'

'Do you think what's happened to me these past two days has been normal?'April snorted, she waved a hand to sgnal him to go on.

'When you were born, God blessed you with the power to see.  .. things, your were are chosen prophetess. Even before you were starting to See, demons would target you. Angels would have to protect your house 24/7. But one day, they were too late. . . a demon named Dean came and attacked your old house. He killed your mother in order to get to you, but your father.  ..well . .. he's a little different from what you thought. . .'

'Tell me.'

'Your father is. . .how to put it? Distantly related to a demon. Very distant; but when he saw you about to be killed, he snapped and went crazy, he chased away the demon and saved you. But the thing is, other people were around because you lived in a flat. . .so you had to start fesh; your father changed his name and whoe background, of course the angles helped him do this. But you were supposed to change your name... but God forbid it, he said that you wouldn't be able to See if you had the wrong name. God realised that when you started seeing things. . .it was of the. . .'

'What? What are my visions about?!' April demanded.

'The Apocolypse.'

April felt sick. As if her past wasn't bad enough, she was related to a demon, was currently being targeted by demons and now, she found out ver visions were of the apocolyse?!

'Aw man, so I'm not just a crazy future-seeing weirdo anymore? I'm a part demon, crazy, apocolypse-seeing future-seeing weirdo. Thanks a bunch for dragging me into this.'April yelled, her anger flaring up. She was very angry.

'Sorry...'Zen whispered in a sad voice, 'oh no. .. what have I done? I'm so sorry...'

'S'okay. . .don't get hung up over it. I mean, I can blame God for all of this right.' I laughed bitterly, without a trace of humor, 'HEY BIG GUY?! YOU UP THERE?! MAKE IT ALL GO BACK YOU SON OF A--'

Zen put a hand to my mouth, 'please don't speak ill of our leader.'

I looked down, guilty.

'Guess I'm gonna have to live with this curse, huh?'I muttered, Zen looked like the thought I was going to cry. I grinned at him; making his eyes widen, 'ha! I never cry, angel-boy! Ahaha! This is awesome! I finally have a purpose!'I whooped, punching the air.

Zen sighed, releived.

'But, what about Dean?'I asked, Zen's head snapped up.

'Don't say--'

'Did you call for me, my little April?'

The End

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