Cassarah's New Student.


'Hunmm?'I murmured, raising my head from the human book I was reading.

'Cassarah!' The young angel panted for breath, 'please, Cassarah! Teach me how to fight!'

I gasped and accidentally dropped my book, 'who. .  .ah. . .' It was my turn to be speechless, but I regained my calm attitude, 'why do you need to fight, child?'

'Because, in the war... and I'm going to earth for a mission. Please, teach me.'She begged, bowing her pretty head.

I put a hand under her chin and lifter her head, 'I will teach you. But, please, tell me your name Young Green Angel.'

'Xenia. My name is Xenia.'

'Well, Xenia, your training will start at nine o' clock sharp. I hope to make a good angel out of you.' I grinned, she reminded me of myself when I first entered heaven with Palmer, Conway and Ash. We came as a package because we'd all died together in a train crash. .  .I shook my head vigorously, Xenia looked at me curiously.

'Ah. . . oh yes! Do you know why your mission is?'I asked quickly, drawing her attention off of my odd behavior.


'Well, it usually involves protecting humans, so before you come tomorrow, go to Angel Zen and ask about how he is doing protecting the prophetess April.'I told her, she nodded, her ponytail bouncing up and down.

'Yup!Will do! I owe you one Cassarah!' She grinned, then skipped a little way before jumping into the air and taking light.

What a pleasant girl...

The End

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