"You have done well, Xenia. I now grant you with your green wings!" The LORD's voice rang out, strong and true. I grinned.

"My most humble thanks, LORD! I will not let you down! I will strive to earn my cream wings, then my white, then my pure white! I will not fall! I will stay strong, stay true, stay innocent!" I vowed, twirling in my new, green dress, loving the way it floated about me, matching perfectly with my newly green wings. 

"It pains me to say that it may not be that easy for you to stay innocent in these times. Pure Angel Conway has been killed by the servant of the devil, JEZEBEL. We are now at war with the demons from hell." LORD's voice was grave. 

"Oh! My LORD!" I gasped. "How are we to retain our innocence if we are at war? Surely we will all fall?!" 

"No. I shall see to it that those who still wish to keep their innocence, and their allegiance to me, will not fall because of this war." He proclaimed. 

"Thank you, my LORD." I murmured. 

"Now, Angel Xenia, go to your quarters, you will be called upon soon for a mission on Earth. It is important for you to get your rest. For everyone to get their rest. This will be a tough time. You are dismissed." LORD spoke with a grave finality, so I spread my wings, and headed for the Green Angel Quarters. A room would be ready for me, with all my things in it. That was simply how it worked when you changed ranks. 

Once I was in my room, I let the sinking feeling that was taking up my heart consume me, and I broke into tears. 

"Oh LORD, a war.. What am I to do?" I sobbed. No. I must be strong. I must fight for my LORD, no matter if it cost me my life. That was an Angel's duty. 

With that, I got up. I needed to find someone to teach me the art of combat. 

The End

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