April's Encounter.

It was the next day and after a sleepless night and a day that seemed like it would not end, April finally realised what time it was!

'Dad! I'm going out!' April yelled as she pulled on her coat and kicked down the door, sprinting down the lane.

She didn't even give him a chance to say goodbye. Her dad and her don't talk much lately. Ever since her mom died, they don't speak.

'Let's go, go ,go.' She mutterd excitedly as she ran down the emty street.

She was sweating a little and panting like crazy when she finally arrived at the edge of the woods. She stared inside.

She didn't want to go in. But it would be safe if Zen was waiting for her, right? She took a deep, shaky breath and stepped inside the dark woods.


April spun around, she gripped her phone, shining the light around to see what was going on.

'Wh-who's there? Show youself!' She called out, her loud voice rang out clear through the woods, echoing off the tree's.

'Taaaaasssssttttyyyy huuuuuummmmmaaaaaannnn giiiiiiiirrrrlllllll....' A crooked and wracked voice hissed out from nowhere.

'Show youself! I'll call my angel! I'll do it!' She snarled threateningly. 'Come and get me demon bas---'


'Ahhh!' April screamed, jumping back. 'Who was that? If it's some idiot from school, I'm going to wring your skinny little neck!'

'Who says I'm a human at all?'A boy dressed up in black, with a bright red and purple hoodie stepped out from behind a tree. The contrasting colours made her eyes hurt.

'Well. . .your dressed normal? I don't recognice you, are you new?'She asked, stepping forward to get a better look.

'Can you stop staring, it's uncomftorble.'He muttered, shifting his feet. Thats when a dark aura hit her and she froze mid-step.

'Demon. Your a demon, aren't you?'She said stonily.

'Yup!' He laughed, checking his nails.

'Stay back! I've seen wht you--' April sank to the floor and stared glassily at the sky, she was alive, but to a passer-by she'd look dead.

'Run! Run! Run! Ahahaha! Run like little sheep!' The demon-boys voice rang out, it was wicked and twisted.

Many people were running away, screaming their heads off.

A women gaurding a small kid wth pig-tails was weeping, 'please! Not her! Don't touch my little April--'

'Stay back, demon! Don't touch our prophet!' Zen's voice shouted. Zen? That means he did come.

April stood up and laughed feebly, 'Zen, don't worry... AHHH I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!' She screeched, she jumped on top of the unsuspecting demon and closed her thin but stong hands around his freezing cold neck.

'What-- ugh...'

'Did you kill my mother?! Did you kill her?!'April yelled, shaking him up and down.

'April-- stop... don't do it!' Zen called out worridly, he grabbed her from under the armpits and dragged her away.

The demon sniggered, and brushed himself down, smirking like there was no tomorrow(no pun intended). 'What a nice way of saying 'hello' little April. Anyway, I'm Dean. Just call my name and I'll be here for ya! I'll explain all the gory bits that this guy,' he jerked his thumb in the direction Zen, 'misses out.'

And with that, he turned into mist and disappeared.

'April, promise me you wont call for him. Ever. He's out to get you and your family. Don't eve think of him!' Zen said, shaking her shoulders and looking her straight in the eye.

April fingered her lip peircing and nodded, but she knew that was a downright lie. She was going to call for that dude. . .no matter what it took.



The End

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