Cassarah, Conway, Palmer and Ash, what's their secret?

I watched the crystal orb, starting into it with a somewhat dazed expression on my face.

'Cassarah . .. come on, Zen has come home.'Palmer whispered, hudging my shoulder.

'He didn't come home safely like Zen.' I said in a harse voice. Conway. . .you didn't have to die! Why did you leave us! Tears were dripping down my face again, before I knew it, I was cradeled in Palmers warm wings, being hushed.

'Cassarah. I'm going to be blunt! If you carry on thinking like this, you'll Fall. . .like Ash.'

That was brave. Talking about that traitor.

'Do not speak that man's name in front of me.'I hissed, then I instantly calmed. This was not right, 'I am sorry. Please, show me the way to Zen.'

I stood up and brushed down my dress. I streatched my wings and arms and nodded at Palmer.

'Let us be going then.'I smiled. We took flight and landed smack bang in front of Zen, he jumped back in shock.

'I take it you found the prophetess April fine.' I smiled, raising a eyebrow, 'I do hope she came ot know harm, Zen.'

'O-o-of course! She's totally fine! Like, amazing in fact! It's not like I punched her or haha...'Zen was a terrible liar.

'Was she hurt?'


'You may retire for the day.'I said, bowing my head, he grinned and took off to the Pink Wing Quaters, then came back for a second.

'Ash says high.' He muttered quickly before zooming away.

My whole body was shaking in anger. He fell and lost his Innocence, leaving me, Palmer and Conway(who has now also left us) and he says just 'hi'.

'That son of a--'Palmer nearly cursed him, But I put a hand to his mouth and shook my head.

'Don't LORD will be furious.'I told him. Palmer nodded.

'He just says....'hi', huh? After everything we had been through together, you, me, Conway and him. And he says 'hi'! That idiot! I'm so annoyed right now! That traitor! He just says 'hi'! What's worong with that?!'I burbled, trying to cover up my fury.

'It's not your fault Casarah. Ash fell from his Innocence and Grace on his own accord.' Palmer said softly. I whipped my head round to face him, swishing my hair in his face.

'I'm sorry, I started sounding like a human again for a second. Forgive me.'I muttered sheepishly. 'But. . . Palmer, he was one of LORD'S MOST FAVOURED angels! Why would he leave us?!'

'Maybe because he wanted to taste freedom. Cassarah, remember? He begged you and I and Conway to go be free with him. But we refused, so he went by himself. That means we are all equally to blame. We didn't go with him.'

'He must be lonely.'I whispered.

'Yes, I suppose that foolish man is.'

'Palmer, I miss him. Why did he go away? First Ash, now Conway! Don't leave me all alone, Palmer!'I begged him.

Ever since that traior's name was brought up, I've been feeling a little feeble, sad and helpless. It was only me and Palmer left of the Four Trusted Angels.

The Four Trusted Angels.  . .narrowed down to two. I don't want to be left alone. Even with God ther, I'm still alone.

The End

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