April and the Angel

April was feeling just a liiiiiiitle bit uneasy.

Was this real, or was it a dream? And who was that other dude that knew this 'Zen' person. If he wasn't a angel, was he a demon?

'Punch me.'April blurted out. The young angel boy looked at her in shock.

'No way! You may be 'one of us' now, but your still a girl.'Zen mumbled, embarassed.

'I'm never going to know if this is real or not if you don't punch me! So punch me you wimp!'April demanded. She tensed up her arm and stood sideways to Zen, 'do it!'

'Ah, um.  .. okay. . .' Zen raised a fist and punched her ever-so-lightly on the arm.

'Um. . .'

'Fine, I'll do it, but if Cassarah scolds me, I'm blaming you!' He yelled, frustrated as he swung his fist onto her arm. April flew backwards and into the gate.

'W-o-w! Holy crap, how did you do that? Again! Again!' She chanted like a kid. Zen snorted and shook his head.

'No way. I'm already in for it! Cassarah's going to scold me!'He cried feebly.

'Your such a child. Who is Cassarah anyway? And who was that other dude? Is he a demon? So do the Devil and God exist? Who are you?'April's outh didn't seem to wait fr a answer, the questions just kept on spilling out from her lips.

'Okay, slow down there, kiddo--'

'Your only a few years older than me.'She pouted.

'Thats just my appearence! I'm actually older than your great grandparents!'He laughed freely.

'So your a pedophile angel?' April enquired innocently.

'Okay, okay, enough of the jokes.  promise you, April Gene. I will definatly explain this to you. Just not now.'He muttered, rubbing his hair.

'Okay, meet me in the Woodland Park tomorrow at 10PM.'April said in a tone that couldn not be messed with. She was going to get answers.

And she was going to get them as soon as she could.



The End

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