There was a storm coming. I could feel it in my soul, well that is if I even had one. I sure didn't know. I wasn't sure about much anymore. Not since I had been thrown from heaven. I was once a pure angel but that was four years ago. Now.... Well now I've become one of the Fallen.

It had surprised everyone when they'd heard the news. I was one of the most importand angels God had. I sometimes see angels I knew around. Pretending to be human to protect certain humans that He had chosen for special purposes. Sometimes the angels even told the humans who and what they were before hand.

Just like Zen did. I was standing not far off from where Zen was talking to a human girl. He had just barely earned his pink wings as far as I could tell. Last time I had seen him he still had his blue wings. 

From what I heard this punk girl had been chosen to be a Prophetess. Though I had my doughts. She wasn't much more than thirteen years of age. Still a child and here she was being confronted by an angel. A very enthusiastic angel.

A very enthusiastic angel who had the dream of one day becoming a pure angel. Like Cassarah.....

I shook my head clearing my thoughts. Taking a deep breath I began to walk toward Zen and the girl. I had found a way to hide my wings making it look as if I were a nomal human so she didn't react much when I stopped next to them. Zen didn't notice me until I spoke.

"You know, Zen. When you're trying to explain to a human what is going on and who you are. You might want to start out slow." I gave him a wry smile. "That way you don't scare off the humans who are trying to enjoy their day at the park." Zen looked at me shocked.

"Ash?" he asked

"How are you buddy?" I patted him on the back.

"You two know each other?" the girl asked moving her gaze from Zen to me then back to Zen. "Are you an angel too?" She asked me. I smiled and shook my head.

"No I'm not." I turned back to Zen "Next time you're on a mission like this remember my advice. You may not meet another human who is as calm as....." I turned back to the girl "What is your name?"


"Who is as calm as April is." I finished my sentance. I gave a salute and turned to leave. "And Zen? When you get back say hi to Cassarah for me." I didn't wait to hear his answer as I walked away from the two.

The End

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