April Gene

April sat down on the park bench, frowning. She was worried.

She'd been getting awfully strange visions lately. Things filled with hideous creatures and beatiful men and women with massive wings. This had to be something to do with the peculiar things that have been happening lately! It had to.

She took a huge bte out of her cheese pastry. She watched all the little toddlers screaming and running around as she chewed slowly; trying not to choke.

'Excuse me, but what bussiness do you have in the park? It's just all of the other parents are feeling uneasy.' A young mothers said in a timid voice, but it had a wary edge to it.

'I'm with my little brother and sister.'April told her, looking her straight in the eye. 'Anything wrong with my siblings playing here?'

'N-no. None at all.' She stammered before walking off quickly.

It's always been like this. No matter where she went, people would stare and be scared. But April was a scary-looking person, despite her pretty face. So when she tells other people that she's with kids, they look horrified.

It's not like she's going to eat them...

'Hey, hey, sis! Look what we made!' Her little brother, Jack called from the sandpit.

'Yeah! Look!' Mandy, Jack's twin called.

'I'm coming.'She called boredly.

The little kids  carefully stepped out of the way as she scooched her way over to the sandpit, scuffing her alerady battered converse even more.

'Wow. It's a.  .. um. . '

'Castle!'The two twins cried.

'Yeah, um, I guess it is...'

'Oh my god! what the hell is that?!' Someone called from the other sideof the playground, April's head snapped up and her eyes focused on something that was big, winged and gathering speed rapidly.

'Jack, Mandy... get home now! Go home!' April yelled, 'EVERYONE! LEAVE, NOW!' She bellowed. The public didn't need to be told twice. They were all stumbling and pushing their way out of the park as quickly as possible.

'Ow! Jack, help me!' Mandy's voice squealed, April spun around and saw Mandy on the floor, clutching her ankle.

April scooped her up and practially threw her over the fence.

'Com get me you demon! Woooo--w! Over here! It's me you want!'April screeched into the air. Jack and Mandy were long gone now and the big winged thing was about to land.

'I am not a demon.'It said, unfurling the big pink wings it had just put away, 'I am a angel! I'm Angel-Zen! I was sent here by God to help you!'

'Wait, your a angel..? Zen... thats a dudes name. Your a guy angel with pink wings...?'April sniggered, she was terrified but was still had the energy to find that funny.

'Yup. I'm on my way to earning my green wings!'Zen said, obviously proud.

'Whatever. I'm probably dreaming right now so, I'll ask this: does God know that I've been having crazy ass visions lately? I mean, I'm not a christan myself, but if he's really there, can you tell him to get rid of them?'April said, chewing her nails.

'He does know because he gave you that gift. Your a prophet. Thats why I'm here, to protect you! If I do, I'll get my green wings!'Zen whooped energetically.

'Hm. So you'll be my personal angelic body guard, huh?'April sniffed.

Could her day get any weirder?

The End

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