Heavenly Hell.

which are you, angel or demon? chose a side and fight for it

Angels and demons have finally gone to war. Satan and God are preparing for the final battle.

Only a select few humans have knowlage of this. All the demons are creating a mess of life on earth and the angels, who are few in numbers, are doing their best to clean up.

The real fight begun when a Satan's servant, JEZEBEL, kills a angel of high standing and bathes in his blood.

Thats when the angels finally resorted to violence and now earth is like a disaster zone!



#1 = a angel with pale blue wing, a new angel. .

#2 = pink wings, a angel in training.

#3 = pale green, a fully fledged angel.

#4 = creame, average ranked angel.

#5 = white, an angel who has gained their Pure Self(gained their soul)

#6 = pure white, a angel of high standing who recives orders directly from LORD.

CLOTHING = M- plain  trouses/high-necked shirt.{changes colour with wings}

f- Knee-length  dress{changes colour with wings}

This is until they reched #5 and #6, then they can choose their own clothes.




#1 Hell Soul, a soul that has just entered Hell.

#2 Horned Soul, a soul that has just gained their horns.

#3 Winged Soul, gained their 'wings'(usually just things jutting out of their back that they can fly with.

#4 Demon, a fully fledged demon.

clothing= whatever they want. Its hell :)



#1 Half Fallen, a angel with grey wings that isn't sure about losing their Innocence.

#2 Fallen Angel, a angel with red, black or purple wings who has compleatly lost their Innocence and betrayed God. Does not belong to any side.


The End

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