Fashion DisasterMature

As Andrasha and her team of Rogues sped away from the burning office building. She took a moment and reviewed the events of the past few minutes. She began ticking off the facts as the small group made their way back towards the main group.

1) Havoc has been caused, building is on fire and hell has broken loose

2) Most of the supplies that they had come here to get had been secured

3) She wasn't dead

4) We have a new member

The last detail brought her to scrutinize the young man named Miles Dixon. He seemed eager to join the Rogues, almost too eager. She might want to keep an eye on him in the future. Was he a Dome spy? Probably not, but Andrasha hadn't gotten this far with blindly trusting everyone that she met. But there was something that was nagging at her, something that she was missing. Some detail that... ah yes.

"You guys go on ahead. I'll catch up with you lot in a bit." She told Walker. He nodded and led the trio back towards the rendezvous point. Andrasha took a moment and made sure that she wasn't being followed. Satisfied that she wasn't, she trooped off towards a small grouping of shops surrounding a plaza.

She looked around for the right store and located it quickly. As she walked towards it, she quickly hid her knives and hold-out pistol and covered her wound with a simple bandana. The quick disquise would hold for now but she knew it wouldn't work for long. As she reached the door to the shop, she took a breath, steadied herself and entered.

Immediatly her senses were assualted by the sweet aroma of a small candle burning in the corner with an incense stick placed in it. The store was dimly lit and coupled with the smell created a nice homely feeling to it. However, Andrasha didn't waste any time as she quickly browsed the clothing racks around her for the items she needed. After a few agonizing minutes of looking she finally found the articles that she needed and rushed up to the counter with her clothing in a massed bundle. She quickly retrieved a few credits from her pockets and dropped them on the counter. She didn't wait for change or a receipt for she immediatly turned and left the store while putting her new aquisitions on.

As she stepped out of the clothing store, she heard the high-pitched squealing of the dome's defense system. She knew that Peacekeepers and other emergency personnel would be flooding the area soon and she hurried her pace. She could just see the door that the Rogues came in and Peter who was waiting for her motioning for her to hurry. She ran full bore for the door but not before she heard a voice from behind command her to stop.

She didn't however and was just about to reach the door when Andrasha heard a crackle of gunfire behind her and then an almighty impact on her back that sent her sprawling into the doorway. The last thing she saw before the darkness overtook her was Peter picking her up off of the floor. She could tell that he was trying to say something to her but she nodded off into a deep sleep before she could answer.


The End

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