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"That could have been me" I told Hunter.

"Or me" Hunter concurred. "Poor Skyler. He was a good fighter. When he wasn't so distracted. If he listened to anyone he might still be here."

I nodded. "I don't like being warned off by just one guy. So he has some skill with a sniper rifle... I wonder what he's like in actual fight."

Hunter looked and me and grinned. "Uh oh. Andrasha

"We should go back there!" I said. "Send that guy a message."

Andrasha raised an eyebrow, "I'll go, but let me warn you, he's no pushover. I've observed him."

I looked over at Hunter expectantly. "Sure why not. I'm sure everyone will be proud that we got killed in our first raid."

"Always the optimist" I said shaking my head. "Alright then, let's go back. Andrasha are there any routes we might take so as to... avoid any unwanted attention?"

She nodded. "Follow me."

Minutes later we looking though the window of a neighboring building.

"He's gone" Hunter stated.

"Maybe. He could be trying to lure us into view. I wouldn't put it past him" Andrasha said.

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully. "Whaddya say we split up?"

Hunter looked at me ruefully "Sure Fred. You take the girls and go that way, while me and scooby doo head this way. Cause that always works."

"I can't believe you still remember that show. Anyways... I don't mean splitting that far up. Stay close enough in proximity that we can help each other, but far enough away that we can't be taken out at the same time."

Hunter piped up again "Should we lay an elaborate trap too?"

"Hunter I swear I'm gonna leave you in a snowbank."

We leapt out of the window, the snow muffling our landings. Andrasha being the nimble one began scaling the wall. I went in the front door, and caught Hunter leaping for the roof from an adjacent building.

I had only just entered the building when gunfire broke out. I was in a lobby, elevators one side and stairs on another.

Oh and a few bodyguards.

I fired at one and caught him on the shoulder. The other leapt at me fists swinging. I dodged one but the other glanced off my rib cage. My breath left me with a whuff and I fell. I rolled out of the way of his stomp and flexed my arm. A blade shot out, attached to a strap on my wrist. I swung and hamstrung the guard.

He fell with a yell which ended abruptly when I plunged the blade into his heart. I wiped it on his coat and retracted it into my sleeve. Then I considered my options. Stairs. Elevators.

Definitely stairs.

For some backup I ran to an elevator and sent it to the third floor with a surprise waiting inside. Then I turned and jogged up the stairs.

When I made it the top I saw Andrasha in a tangle with a bodyguard. I gave hima knock on the head and he dropped. There was no sign of Hunter.

"So were inside, what now oh brilliant leader?"

"Umm... do you have any spray paint?"

"Fresh out."

"Ok let's start shooting stuff then." I tipped over a few chairs, messed up the papers on the desk and noticed the sniper rifle in the corner. I left my current task and picked up the gun.

A few minutes later a shot rang out and a very pissed looking bad guy stood in the doorway with an extra large big guy next to him.

It was the guy who killed Skyler.

Andrasha rushed to my side and for a moment we faced off. Then the closet door burst open and Hunter tumbled out, mace swinging.

Where did he get a mace?

The big guy threw himself in front of the boss and took the mace to his chest. He didn't even flinch. Andrasha and I rushed them both, knives out and bullets flying. The big guy drew a handgun and whipped me with it.


Andrasha gave him a cut for his troubles and narrowly missed a shot from the boss.

Boss man leapt over Andrasha and went for the window. He grabbed his sniper rifle and aimed it at me.

"The last name you'll ever hear is mine. Tell the Devil Peter sent you." Then he fired.


Peter stared at me for a second, probably wondering why my chest wasn't covered in red. Then I reached into my pocket and threw the shells I had taken earlier at his face. Smiling I fired my own gun.


You've got to be kidding me.

"Walker! We've got to get out of here!"

I spun to see Hunter and Andrasha dancing with Big Guy. Andrasha had a shallow cut on her forehead and Hunter was favoring one leg. Fine. We did what we came to do. The biggest insult we could deliver was now to make it out of here alive.

"Let's go! Follow me!"

We ran from the office and the two of them went for the stairs.

"No wait! Over here!" I called, motioning to the elevators.

"You're joking right?" Andrasha said.

"Nope. Trust me."

I called both elevators. We took the one on the right and I left the one of the left open, hoping the timing would be right. There was a tv in the elevator showing the upstairs and downstairs landings.Big guy and Peter rushed for the elevator on the left which had just closed. They smashed at the call button.

The elevator opened and I pushed the button on my wrist.


The tv's picture disappeared in static.

That's for my friend. Jerk.

The elevator doors opened and Hunter, Andrasha, and I ran for all we were worth.

The End

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