Just a Common ThingMature

A smile played on Peter Julie’s lips as he heard the
commotion of a raid. The sound of chaos rang throughout the crowded poor
district that laid before the great Dome. It had become a common occurrence to
the nearby residents, and not a great many of them minded all that much.

 One of those individuals that did care, however, was
Peter himself. He loved killing any of the raiders that dared to pass by. This
section of the town had an invisible barrier in the right-hand corner of it
that marked his territory. It was marked down in legend for being the largest
center of criminal activity. Peter liked being a criminal rather than the
rogues, and had no wish to socialize or be in the presence of them.

 The rogues knew very well that Peter disliked
trespassers, and so the area was generally avoided. The occasional scum would
come around the corner only to get a bullet in their head. It had been some time
since the rogues interrupted Mr. Julie, so his hatred of them had diminished
ever so slightly.

 Peter was inside of his office counting the day’s catch;
plenty of military-grade guns and armor, illegal shipping items, various kinds
of drugs, and even more supplies that Peter himself did not know nor care
about, so much as it landed a good amount of money in his pocket.

 During this counting, Peter turned to look out the window
and happened to see one of the rogues he knew pass by, a rather foolish thing to
do. Without warning, Peter leveled the sniper rifle leaning against the window
and took a shot. The unfortunate victim fell face-first in the snow. His
comrades that must have been tagging a little bit behind were just beyond
Peter’s territory line, but too close for comfort.

 Walker was the name of one of them, that much he knew. He had seen the boy when he was younger. It
upset Mr. Julie when someone he knew was stupid enough to come so close to him.

 “You should know better than to take one step on my front
lawn” Peter sneered at the company.

 “You should know better than to take pot-shots at our own
people!” one of the men snapped back.

 Peter’s life had been composed of nothing but snapping
back and cruelty. For a moment, his corrupt childhood was thrown into his
memory, and was soon dismissed. Mr. Julie tried his best to hide his true
emotions from passers-by for fear they might expose them.

 “Maybe if your brilliant leaders told you anything smart”
Peter retorted, putting an emphasis on ‘brilliant’, “you wouldn’t have had to
watch that bullet travel through your friend’s skull. This is” Peter continued,
gesturing around him, “is my land. My territory. Step on it and you die, simple
as that”.

 Peter’s resolve was hardened by the government and how it
did so little. Becoming a criminal was simply to make money and to, hopefully,
make the government do something useful. When he was angry, there was only his
present group to take it out on, and that group happened to be the rogues.

 A girl walked forward nearly crossing the line, and Peter
recognized her instantly, not by name but by her daring personality. “Give off
a warning shot for pity’s sake, or I might just decide to target-practice on
your own men”.

 Peter laughed, then shot a sniper bullet right in front
of the girl’s foot, stunning her momentarily. “Happy now? Get on with your raid
and leave me by why don’t you? The next one’s going in your head” Peter said
with finality in his voice.

Without waiting for a reply, he turned back to his
counting. It was the only excitement he got around here these days; though
talented at thieving himself, Peter had plenty of henchmen to do all of the
work for him, and they were reasonably dependable.

 Stevenson, one such henchman, walked in with a wide grin
on his face.

 “Did those rogues leave?” Peter asked him. Stevenson was
a guard of the territory, his position set high above the town.

 “Yeah, slowly at first. They looked pretty pissed off” he

 “Now, you didn’t come here for a hello I hope. What is
it?” Peter asked, waving his hands so that he could get to whatever business
was at hand.

 “The gov’s having a meeting” Stevenson replied, referring
to the weak government that resided in the Dome.

 Peter’s hopes shot up in the sky. This could be the sort
of thing he so desperately needs; a strong government. Would it be possible
that they might pull together and eliminate the rogue threat and restore the
poor district?

 “Nothing important yet” Stevenson said, reading Peter’s
mind. “I’ll bring it up on the TV for you though”.

 A large flat-screen television scrolled down from the
roof of the building, playing the government meeting. Peter had access to the
secret cameras that filmed the gatherings. So far, nothing was interesting.
Peter could only hope they would come out triumphant in the end.

 ‘And hopefully’ Peter thought to himself with a smile, ‘they’ll
get rid of all this damn ice’.

The End

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