Political WoesMature

The voices echoed around the parliament building of the great Dome. The building itself was not much different to a Victorian stately home. It stood tall and proud near the top of the food chain, if not at the peak.

The voices were debating the raids on the civilization. "We must fight back! What else can we do? We are sitting here pretending that the bad weather is the only issue! That ice should have destroyed any 'rebels' long ago. We do not need this. We, as a strong independent nation, are being held back and constantly submerged into the trenches of horror and the seas of decay because of these people! I demand we fight back. Rally the forces, sound the war horns, it is time to get equal! Sir...." Dervinicus said 'Sir' with a sinister snare as he spoke to the Head of the House, Eldridge Lernonson.

The entire room lay quite still, almost afraid to breathe in case they offend either man. "Dervinicus, you are a wise comrad, but a foolish politician. We do not have the will nor the way to bring any form of fight to the savages that threaten our gates day in, day out. If I could have ordered an attack with any possibility of success I think I would have by now!" The words held back nothing. Dervinicus was a strong man, but he could do little after Eldridge launched a verbal assault. "If you are questioning my rule rather than the danger at our gates then say it. Spit it out man! I have been in this business for decades. You can say nothing that will offend me." The words dripped into Dervinicus' ears like acid. "Sir with all respect you have done..."

The main door blasted open as the words fell weakly from the mans mouth. Three men entered the fray. Eldridge shot a look at Dervinicus. "We will finish this later boy." There was a level of disgust in the room now.

The man at the peak of the new trio spoke first, with a level of understanding that seemed to calm the room. "Sir, I have a proposition for you. I feel it could lighten the feeling around our great city." Eldridge sighed. "Benedict, I am tired of your ideas and plans and ploys, they never..."

Benedict cut across him. His voice never rising above conversation level, but it held a certain deadliness to to. "This time is different."

The End

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