Lone WolfMature

‘This is going to be criminal and sad.’ Andrasha Arkadova thought sadly.

She sat in the shadows of a ramshackle lower-class hovel, hidden from the dome guards that were protecting one of the smaller gates into the dome. The guards, who appeared fearsome in their armour and weapons, are actually a joke to those who knew better. Andrasha was one of those as she knew from personal experience that when hell broke loose around the gate, the inexperienced guards would fold quickly. Of course whose job was it to make sure that they were dead before the rest of the Rogue raiding party arrived?

Hers of course.

She was simply waiting the signal and finally it came. She heard the high pitched call of an ice wolf that ascended a few notes. Time to work.

Jumping up from her seated position, Andrasha hopped up on the roof of the hovel she was on and began quietly making her way towards the gate. The guards were shivering in the cold and huddled around a small fire, not paying attention to the figure approaching them from above. She was just about in position to attack when her foot slipped on ice and a horrible squealing noise escaped. The guards looked over to her confusedly and in that moment of indecision, she struck quickly.

Using the weapons that she had numerous times before, she released two knives towards the guards. Each found their mark in the guards on the outer edge of the group around the fire and they dropped quickly. Keeping mobile before the remaining three guards could draw a bead on her, she leapt from the roof, rolled to cushion the fall and stood up in front of the trio. She slashed quickly with another knife and took another guard in the thigh and neck. The guard to her right tried to butt her with the end of his rifle but she dodged the strike, slipped inside his guard and opened his neck as well.

The last guard, having the most time to respond, was nervously fiddling with the safety of his rifle trying to get it unstuck from the cold. Andrasha stopped, smiled at the man, who stared fearfully back. He looked into her eyes and was lost in tunnel vision before he recognized a sharp pain right above his heart. He looked to his breast and saw the throwing knife embedded there. As the last guard tumbled to the ground, Andrasha shook her head and calmly collected her tools before she sent the all clear signal to the rest of the raiders.

A few moments later, the raiding party was assembled and entering the dome when she was approached by the leader.

“Nicely done Arkadova,” Peter Malloy commented.

Andrasha shrugged, “It was too easy Pete; I was getting bored.”

Pete allowed a small smile, “I bet you were, you won’t be bored for long though luv, just wait ‘till we get inside.”

“Oh, I’m looking forward to it.” Andrasha noted with a wolfish grin. Pete trooped off into the dome as Andrasha noticed two new members of the raiding party. She didn’t know the one guy but the other she was familiar with. His name was Walker… right?

‘A hell of a mission to have for your first raid,’ Andrasha thought as she quietly followed the others into the lion's den.

The End

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