Hearts of IceMature

A collaborative story between :

The old world vanished under a blanket of ice. In the past war was what people thought would destroy there way of living. During the Cold War, the Americans watched a make shift clock count down to imminent doom, there was no warning for what happened.

Almost overnight the world turned from having luscious green wastelands and vast deserts, to nothing but different shades of white fields. The snow covered everything. Freezing anyone foolish enough to venture outside.

However, as the decades past, eventually one democracy rose from the frozen ashes of mother natures womb. These people, from different ethnic backgrounds, united and lived under the Dome, for what appeared to be the start of a better era.

It did not take long for pressure to grow on the government. The Upper class soon began to drift away from the Middle class, and the Middle class soon left the Lower class to fend for themselves. The Lower class teetered on the edge of a white oblivion with the jaws of injustice clipping their worn heels.

Crime soon spread like a pathogen throughout the Dome, the virus consumed all the innocent who could not fend for themselves.

The hearts of the people froze, and turned to ice. Now all must struggle for survival against the accidental oppression of the higher classes. 

The pressure is building, the people are dying, the story begins...

The End

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