'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!' I screamed as we were thrown towards the sea below.

'Oops!' Ellie contemplated, 'shouldn't have done that.'

'WHAT DO YOU MEAN "shouldn't have done that" YOU JUST KILLED US!!!' I screached as we plumeted lower and lower.

' Correction, I killed you, I'm a star fish remember' she corrected

That was when we hit the water.

'Now drive!' Ellie shouted.

I did what I was told, I was too confused, tired and already filled with the weirdness too worry why she wanted me to attempt to drive in water. I slammed my foot on the accelerator and we shot forward, accidently hitting a plankton, and shot onto a mountain top. then, we tipped off and rolled down to a football pitch. We landed in the middle.

I stumbled out of the car and vomited - multiple times. Then, I reached into the car and pulled Ellie out. She was giggling hysterically.


The End

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