Fancy That!

I am in the Saharah. I think. The water has turned to sand. Hot sand.  Here I am, lying in syrup, surrounded by sand. Well.

Now what to do. i slowly crawl to my feet, however I stay in my syrup bubble. What kind of crazy world is this? As I make my sticky way across the sand, I noticed a starfish. What in Zeus' name is a starfish doing here!?!

"Hello friend! My name is Ellie! Bless your face, my puppy!" it sang to me. Yes, sang.

"Er, hello. Um. Where am I and what am I doing here?"

"This is the monopoly yellows. We speak Yiddish here. Welcome puppy!"


"Yes you are."





"Can we stop fighting now?"

There was a pause.


And that was that. I picked her up, put a string round her and tied her round my waist. I am carrying a starfish by name of Ellie who thinks i'm a puppy, round my waist. Fancy that!

Oh, I forgot to mention, It's snowing in the Saharah! (Sorry, Monopoly Yellows).

The End

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