Blood and Water

My finger moves slowly towards the paint like some hypnotic spel sucking me into its grip.

My fingertip touches the paint, and there is a pinging sounds somewhere. I look up, and quickly draw my hand away from the paint. My fingertip is oozing with viscous sticky red stuff, and I think it's bleeding. Is the paint sharp? Or wet? But then I realise that the paint has turned to blood. Everything has melted down and is flowing around me. Red blood.

As I watch the blood takes on a bluish tinge and before I know it has morphed to water, crusted with white lacy foam and engulfing the floor. In a moment I am suspended in the water, and I cannot see any horizon, the floor has non-existant, and where is the sky?

Bubbles pulse up around me, and I feel a tug of current pulling me down, down into the water.

The last thing I remember is taking a deep breath.

The End

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