The Light in the Cupboard

I landed heavily on what felt like an elephant, soft but leathery. Strangly I thought of Kaleigh complaining that Matt hadn't texted her for like an hour was it now? Well. If his best friend just got hit by a car he wouldn't text her would he. Grow up Kaleigh!

Is it all she can think about? AIRHEAD!

Anyway. I was in some kind of kitchen. Like you find in church halls. And it was dark. The light was on. But it was blue. I heard talking, in yet another language. This time it wasn't so clear as to what was being said.

What really intriged me was one cupboard. It was red, but the rest were green; and emerging from the gaps in the sides was a light, bright as Apollo. I crawled from me perch in the sleeping elephant's back and stepped towards the counter. Reaching out to touch the peeling scarlet paint...

What happens now?

The End

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